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Catch the Curator #26 – Varun Agarwalla | Deha’s

Deha’s – Delivering High Quality Tea From The Brahmaputra Valley To Your Cups

Meet Varun Agarwalla- The man who’s been the driving force behind the ecologically sound and tastefully made organic teas by Deha’s .

What can a chat over a cup of tea do? It can give birth to a thriving business. This is what propelled Varun Agarwalla’s foray into sustainable agriculture and tea making. “We believe in providing nothing but the best, most genuine quality teas to our customers and respecting Mother Nature” he says with a lot of conviction. Impressed by the dedication to his craft that was evident by his words and his beliefs, we decided to sit down with him to talk about tea, its future and Deha’s.

1. How did it all start?

The story goes back to the early 1900’s when Late Bhagwandass Ji Agarwalla had established himself as a tea trader. It was his wide knowledge and keen interest in tea that led to the initiation and purchase of what is now the Deha Tea Estate.

Fast-forward to 2006 and our Managing Director, Mr. SN Agarwalla was chatting with us, his family, about ancient practices of agriculture over a cup of tea. We reflected on the time when no chemicals and pesticides were available and farmers still managed to get good crops and yields.

This kicked off our search for sustainable agricultural practices which finally led them to ‘Vrikshayurveda’ a Vedic agricultural concept. We adopted the practices underlined in it and Deha’s was born.

2. What are you the most proud of when it comes to your company?

Deha’s has always been a synonym for quality in the tea industry. It’s been a never ending process of manufacturing the best quality teas and adopting new technologies. Our reputation has has resulted in us being bestowed by the honour of being amongst the top 3 quality manufacturers in Assam. We have also managed to garner the trust of tea buyers across India. The industry that we’re in is always looking forward to the advancements and developments that take place at our estate, thus making Deha’s a benchmark for the entire industry.

3. Where does the tea come from?

Our estate is located amidst the fertile land of the Brahmaputra valley in the North – East Region of India in Jorhat District, Assam.

4. What exactly does self-sustainable agriculture and eco-friendly practices that your company follows, entail?

Our packaging is made of international standard biodegradable craft paper sacks. The water that we use for washing the machineries and factory premises is sourced from a rainwater harvesting system that is installed at our factory. Environmental development is looked after by maintaining the eco cycle of the vicinity. We also try and propagate birds and bats’ population with our bird & bat homes placed on the shade trees amidst the plantations.

5. What would you say are your best sellers?

We manufacture Assam Organic Black CTC Teas and Assam Organic Green Teas. Both our products are top selling but Green Tea has an edge over Black Tea.

6. What would you say to young entrepreneurs who’re interested in your industry?

We always look to our MD for advice, and the one thing he always tells us is to focus on the soil. He says that soil is so magical that whatever we sow, grows. So one has to constantly focus on soil replenishment by organic means such as using cow dung, vermi-compost and more. So our advice to the young entrepreneurs would be :

Take care of the Soil and the Soil will take care of us’.

7. Last but not the least, what do you think of the future of ‘organic’ products?

The awareness about organic food is on the rise. According to Girish Aivalli, Country Head, Food and Agribusiness, Yes Bank, the market for organic food is growing at a CAGR of 20 -22%. So we can say that the future is Organic.

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