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Catch the Curator #25 – Priya Singhal and Zaheer Khan | Cucumber Organics

Cucumber Organics- Where The Wonders of Nature Meets Modern Day Living

Meet Priya Singhal and Zaheer Khan- The energetic forces behind Cucumber Organics

When two people filled with positive energy and love for all things organic in their day-to-day lifestyles came together- Cucumber Organics came to be. With the aim to use natural products to help people meet the challenges that everyday life brings with it, the year old venture has both Priya and Zaheer committed to the organic way of life, while keeping modern day research in mind.

We’d be lying if we said that didn’t intrigue us, so we sat down to talk to the two about the brand, their products and a lot more. Here’s how it went.

Tell us a little about the brand.

We combine the ancient knowledge of Ayurveda with modern research and recently discovered super-ingredients from around the globe. At CO we strive to make products that unite the best of the past and present so as to build a healthy, clean and promising future for all of us.

Why the name ‘Cucumber Organics’?

Zaheer had seen some organic cucumbers in the vegetable shop one day and later told me over the phone how beautiful he thought they’d looked. He then went on to suggest Cucumber Organics as the name, and to be honest my first reaction was to laugh out loud. He still asked me to give it a thought. So I slept on it and when I woke up the next morning that name was stuck in my mind. And here we are.

What sets CO apart from other brands?

Every CO product is handcrafted with-what we like to call- pure organic love. Every ingredient is certified – 100% organic, either grown ourselves or sourced from organic farms. Each product is pure, unadulterated, chemical-free and designed and packaged for hassle-free use.


Since the aim is to influence people to go organic, how have you made your products accessible to people?

To make healthy organic living a reality, we’ve curated an exceptional selection of natural personal, home, kids and pet care products that are available at unbelievably affordable rates. Like you just said, it is our endeavour to inspire well-rounded organic healing through nature – for one’s mind, body and soul.

What would you say are your best sellers?

We have something for everyone and every skin type at CO, which is why it’s hard to pick just a few. But if we had to then we’d say that our range of cucumber organics face serums, which have unique blends of star oils like Argan, Hemp and Rosehip combined with therapeutic essential oils would definitely be at the top. We also have products to combat acne, ageing and a lot more- all that one has to do is go check them out and pick one. Nature will do the rest.

What do you love the most about CO and what you do with it?

You know at the heart of our business is our love for nature. So apart from using purely organic ingredients carefully sourced along with the support of local farmers, we ensure that our carbon footprint is minimal, and that our work processes are clean and waste-free. This includes our packaging which is completely recyclable. Our products are handcrafted by underprivileged men and women with the aim to provide them skill training and employment. We love our products and we hope that our customers continue to give us the love that they already do.

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