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Catch the Curator #24 – Rathan Naidu | Cheatz Powders

Make Everyday Cooking Easy with Cheatz Powders

Meet the man behind Cheatz Powders, Mr. Rathan Naidu, whose yearning to do something different with food led him to form this brand.

Rathan Naidu, yes the same man who along with his friends and his unstoppable fortitude founded the very famous Cheatz Bakery in Bangalore, has a lot of feathers in his cap. His brand’s delectable and drool-worthy Bacon jams and spreads need no introduction. Inspired by the success of their bacon-infused culinary delights, Mr. Rathan brings to us yet another range of blockbusters in the form of Cheatz Powders, a brand that will make everyday cooking easy and fun.

We’re up for anything that makes our lives easier and our food more fun so we sat down with Mr. Naidu to talk about his inspiring ideas and his never-give-up attitude to do something to make life merrier.

How does it feel to launch two product lines back to back?

It feels great when you see your dreams come true one after another. The more I see people liking our products, the more satisfied I feel. It gives me immense pleasure to know that we came into this market, saw the need for something, tried meeting it and made it this far. I’m sure we’ll continue to satiate the taste buds of our customers for the years to come.

What motivated you to go ahead with your second product line, Cheatz Powders?

After the success of our bacon jams and spreads, we wanted to try something more with food, something that would make everyday cooking easy. That’s when we came up with the idea of ready-to-cook powders. Since masalas and seasonings are integral to every kitchen, why not make them hassle-free? This idea led to the conception of Cheatz Powders, a complete range of ready-to-use powdered spices and exotic seasonings that I believe add more flavor to one’s life.


Could you tell us more about Cheatz Powders?

Cheatz Powders is all about additive free, wholesome seasonings and powdered spices made from natural extracts with their natural flavors intact. We have a team of experienced food technologists who work meticulously, round the clock, to present our customers with the best of our kitchen. Every product from Cheatz Powders is made in accordance with the industry-standard quality-control protocols. Four of our key differentiators are – premium quality product, on-time delivery, value for money and customer satisfaction.

How do you go about marketing your products?

When we first started we figured there’s nothing better than local flea markets and events to familiarize a new brand or product to its people. We strategically chose the same platform as the one that we had at the time of launching Cheatz Bakery. By God’s grace, we were flooded with positive feedback and responses this time around as well and they gave us a lot hope and motivation.

Although we love everything from your product range, what are some of your personal favorites?

As I have always said, I love all our creations. However, if had to pick a few, I’d go with our hot sellers –

100% Dehydrated Fresh Coriander Leaves Powder

100% Natural Chicken Powder

100% Natural Ginger Powder

100% Natural Red Onion Powder

Dried Lemon Juice Powder

Dried Premium Oregano Leaves

What do you have in store for us in the future?

We have not planned anything yet, but whatever we bring to you, we’re sure it will make your life deliciously delightful.

Add more flavor to your life with these natural, ready-to-use powders at

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