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Catch the Curator #23 – Nehal Karkera | That Food Company

Want to Zing Up That Food? Head to That Food Company.

Meet Nehal Karkera, the Head Chef and Product Head of That Food Company, a brand that promises to add instant flavors to your meals and mood.

When four foodies ‘Nehal’, ‘Laveena’, ‘Gia’ and ‘Nikunj’ with different professional backgrounds and different thoughts and ideas on food came together to find a common platform that is concerned with food and focuses on flavors, That Food Company came to life. With a delectable range of dips, sauces, flavored butters and pickles, TFC promises to transform your daily food experience for the better.

Nehal touches upon what the company means to them. “Only a food lover can understand what it feels like to dream about having your own food joint. This is a dream come true for the four of us.”

The excitement was infectious so we couldn’t help but talk to the four about the brand. Here’s how it went.

Tell us about the brand.

That Food Company, being a bootstrapped gourmet food joint, aims to provide you with affordable options when it comes to dips, sauces, flavored butters and pickles. Our products are handmade and our ingredients are wholesome and natural. We started with 12 experimental recipes that we put through extensive tasting sessions, right from taking feedback from inner circles to doing external events. Thankfully, our tasting sessions were instant hits. We have done 15 events so far. Now, it has been a year since we have opened doors to the public in June 2016. The best part – people have started liking us and our mouth-watering products.


What are your bestselling products?

We believe that the entire range of That Food Company is a bestseller but as far as some specific best-selling options are concerned, our Peri Peri Butter, Oreo Cookie Butter and Desi Barbeque Sauce take the cake. In fact, the popularity of our products has reinstated our faith in the need for our products in the market, especially our Desi-Foreign blends and sweet and salty flavors.

Why did you name it That Food Company?

Okay, let me explain it to you my way –

Want some twist in your regular food? Like adding some THAT Oreo Cookie Butter to THAT slice of bread or seasoning up THAT sandwich with lots of THAT Bacon & Balsamic Butter or making THAT leftover roti a bit spicy with THAT Hyderabadi Mutton Pickle, then you should try That Food Company.

I hope that clears it up.

Did you face any challenges?

Yes, initially we did face challenges with product packaging and shipping. However, we soon got a food technologist on board who takes care of our products in terms of scalability and stability. Challenges are good teachers. They teach you important lessons that you can’t learn otherwise.

Where do you see That Food Company in the coming years?

Since our launch in June 2016, we have been retailing our products on various platforms including our websites, food-centric platforms as well as online and offline marketplaces. With a foodie tummy, heart and brain, That Food Company aims to set high standards, new-age food trends, contribute and make a mark in the ever evolving FMCG space.

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