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Catch the Curator #22 – Manini Rane and William | The Pickled Chick

The Pickled Chick – A Brand That’s As Happening As Its Name

Meet Manini Rane and William, the brains behind The Pickled Chick.

Manini & William are two hardworking, dedicated and dynamic people who’ve been working together for more than 2 decades as chocolatiers. However, the longing to do something special and unique with food always chased them and one day this duo made The Pickled Chick happen.

Let’s get to know this dynamic duo a little more –

How and when did you start, Manini?

Although I was never a fan of cooking, the food industry always enticed me and I always wanted to do something that no one had done before, something unique and outofthebox. This thought process of mine led me to the world of food technology. You can easily gauge my affinity for the industry from the career choice I made, a food technologist.

It all started with a chocolate making venture. However, considering today’s global space, it is quite tough to start a business alone. That’s why I approached William, who, at the time was working as an executive in a shoe company.

What’s the connection between making chocolates and pickling?

For 20 long years, we worked as chocolatiers and our main focus was the corporate market. However, our deep-rooted urge to create something unique, something that the market had not seen before, never left us.  William is a die-hard non-vegetarian, so he came up with the idea to do something with meat. After several sessions of brainstorming, we decided to create something that would be integral to everyone’s daily platter. A few researches and experiments later, we made ‘The Pickled Chick’ happen.

To some of you, non-vegetarian pickles might sound weird, but, don’t worry, The Pickled Chick’s products are as tempting and drool-worthy as they sound.


How did the name ‘Pickled Chick’ come to your mind?

Good question. Our own personalities inspired us to name our business ‘The Pickled Chick’. We wanted the name to be as comical as William and as sweet as me, hence The Pickled Chick.

What are your bestsellers?

Just like our brand name, all our products and their names both, are unique and humorous. As of now, our bestselling products include the following –

Aata Maajhi Satakli – Homemade Kolhapuri Chicken Tamasha

Ghe Re Sahiba – Homemade Goan Twist Chicken Pickle

Homemade Chicken Balchao Spread

Homemade Nawaabi Shouk – The Andhra Swing

Oye Teri Toh – D Punjabi Beat Homemade Chicken Pickle

Zimbly Spicy – Homemade Kerala Mix Chicken Pickle

As you can see, our products are all about curated flavors from different parts of India.  

Where do you see yourself in the coming years?

More food, more fun, more flavors, more experiments, and more products – this is what we; William and I see ourselves doing future. What else could two food lovers think other than sweet and savory food?

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