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Catch the Curator #21 – Sreejith Moolayil | True Elements

True Elements– Where Old-World Secrets Meet Modern-Day Taste

Meet Mr. Sreejith Moolayil, the founder of True Elements – A brand that takes inspiration from the treasures of the Harappan Civilization and seasons them with modern taste.

True Elements offers a range of premium snacks and natural supplements that are all inspired by the food items consumed by our forefathers. Mr. Sreejith reflects on the importance of looking to our roots for a healthy lifestyle as he says, “Continuous attempts to bring about taste enhancement and product innovation has taken us too far from our original palate and we have almost forgotten the way of life and the food that our ancestors used to have”.

He further adds, “Although most of us envy and strive to attain their level of physique, health and fitness, we lack what they had.’ Ask him how he thinks we could get there and he says, “To be fit and fine like our forefathers what we need is a time machine to go back in time and take a leaf from their books. However, since that is not possible, we need to create an environment resembling theirs to protect ourselves and the generations to come.” We couldn’t agree with him more.

It’s no secret that most of us today seek to live a healthy lifestyle so we couldn’t help but delve deep into the subject with Mr. Sreejith. Here’s what we found out.

Tell us something about True Elements.

True Elements is not only a brand, but the outcome of our never ending efforts to get back to the original and nutritious ways of our ancestors. Although our taste has evolved over the years, the food we eat and the way we eat hasn’t. Food today lacks soul and more importantly, nutritional value.

I had always wondered what would happen if we could get into a time machine and go back to the ancient civilization to retrieve these nutritional secrets. What if we could munch on those as snacks or supplements while maintaining our regular diet? This is how True Elements came to be. Today, it’s an ideal platform to find food that carries the essence of the ancient civilization packed and is modified for the current generation.

How would you describe True Elements in a sentence?

Well, True Elements is the perfect fusion of Ancient Bites and Modern Taste.


What’s does this nutritious product line consist of?

We basically deal in natural supplements like tea, honey, super grains, alternative medicine and more. Our snacks range includes readyto-eat snacks, fun snacks, and healthy shots options. We also have the option to gift someone our snacks so you can help them live a healthier life. The latest addition to our snacks range is Harippa.

What is Harippa and how were you inspired to make it?

Harippa, as you can guess, is the combination of two words – Harappa and Hadippa. The former is one of the oldest civilizations on earth and the latter means fun and frolic. This is exactly what we have tried in this range – bridging the gap between the best ingredients from the Harappan Civilization and the modern taste buds while completely justifying our mantra, “Ancient Bites with Modern Taste”.

What’s unique about your packaging?

It is inspired by and represents our ancient civilization. The colors are all vibrant and attractive. The shape of the packets symbolizes the pyramid. Our main source of inspiration is basically the historical monuments of Sanchi Stupa, the mural of Ajanta caves, Madhubani paintings, Mughal illustrations, Vedic art and several things that convey the idea of innovation.

Last but not the least what’s your mantra at True Elements?

All of us at True Elements believe in one thing, “Life is short. Let’s have fun. Let’s go back in time and get back to our True Elements”.  

To go back in time with these natural, healthy snacks and supplements, visit


  • ‘Harippa’, that quite quirky and innovative in so many ways. Congratulations on enlightening the normal ‘junta’ on the true elements, that honestly are missing in today’s dietary needs, possibly due to sedentary lifestyles and magnet-like attraction towards #fastfood.

    With alternative medicine, fresh snacks and honey, made from the recipes from times immemorial, #TrueElements does seem to connect a majority of us to ancient civilization. #embracetheold, in the #modern setup! #Enchante

  • Very well said,perfect description of True Elements,a well defined combination of taste n health.Hail the efforts.


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