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Catch the Curator #19 – Soumi Dey | Konkan Kitchen

Satiate Your HardtoPlease Taste Buds with Konkan Kitchen’s Natural Spreads

Meet Soumi Dey a mother, a specialist at all things delicious and the Director of Operations at Konkan Kitchen.

Konkan Kitchen is all about fresh fruit jams made using handpicked natural ingredients. These products are made in a homely stainless steel kitchen, with the collective efforts of a bunch of foodies and enthusiastic family members. Ask her what the inspiration behind the venture was and Soumi says, “We try our best to please our 7 year old Suhasini and other kids like her. It’s all because of Suhasini’s hardtoplease taste buds that we started toying with the idea of natural fruit spreads and eventually made it this far.”

We weren’t happy with just the short version of the story, so we decided to dig for more. Here’s the story of Konkan Kitchen straight from the horse’s mouth.

When did you discover that your daughter had ‘hard to please’ taste buds?

Oh, it’s a long story. It all started in Mahabaleshwar where we’d gone on a vacation with our little girl. She absolutely loved the place, especially the farmfresh strawberries available there. Watching her munch on strawberries and jams took me by surprise because for as far as I knew she didn’t like strawberries or strawberry jams at all.

This prompted us to do a little research and what we found shocked us. , Most of the studies had concluded that majority of commercially available jams and spreads contain as little as 15% of fruit pulp and not the fruit itself. What’s worse is that the rest of ingredients are all chemical-based preservatives, colors, additives, flavor enhancers and so on.

Thus began our quest for preserving fresh fruit, the way Mother Nature always intended us to. This eventually led us to launch Konkan Kitchen.


How did you go about making fresh fruit jams? Did you look at a recipe?

It was all trial and error in small home-sized batches until we finally got to the recipe that is now one of the finest fruit spreadsYummium. Initially, we gifted it to some of our friends and relatives and gradually, word about Yummium spread from one friend to another. We then made our range all-natural spreads more accessible to kids and their parents via Konkan Kitchen, which I believe is a family concern.

Why do you call Konkan Kitchen a ‘Family Concern’?

Konkan Kitchen is unquestionably a family concern, because each and every family member plays an important role in the venture. Although too young to officially be on the board, we call our daughter Suhasini, the Little Director of the company. True to this she directs me, right from fetching the fruits from the farmers to canning and shipping.

Then there’s Gopal, my husband who is the chieftaster of the company. He manages to consume a considerable batch of the produces. Suhasini’s Granny, Sumita and Grandpa Soumitra do the general management chores. We have also taken our relativesthe uncles and aunties and the cousinson board to bring to you the best of Yummium.

What would you say are the key differentiators of Konkan Kitchen?

We bring to you recipes made from the best table grade seasonal fruits using methods and utensils that were discovered before the birth of artificial chemistry. That sets us apart from what you see in grocery stores.

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