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Catch the Curator #20 – Jhelum Biswas Bose | Jhelum Loves

Jhelum Loves, The Brand That’s All About Being Beautiful

Meet Jhelum Biswas Bose, the founder of Jhelum Loves, a brand that she describes as a combination of her passion and knowledge of beauty and wellness.

Jhelum, the daughter of an aesthetician, has always been a lover of beauty. She has always wanted to and believed in doing something that combines all her passions, and hence Jhelum Loves.

Let’s take a deeper look at her journey and how she has managed to blend her passions and knowledge together to form Jhelum Loves.

What profession were you in before you launched Jhelum Loves?

Before Jhelum Loves, I headed the marketing and communications team at Sephora India for around 2 years. Before that, I worked for Harpers Bazaar India as a Beauty Editor.

What inspired you to launch Jhelum Loves?

I have always been an admirer of all things beautiful and those related to absolute wellness. Also, I always wanted to do something in this domain. So, I started exploring philosophies of self-healing including – Bach flower remedies, chakra healing and aromatherapy. To be very honest, after diving deep into these subjects, I was completely mesmerized by the concept of self-healing and that’s when I decided to combine my knowledge and passion for beauty to prepare tailored products for myself and for all.

Any strings attached to the brand…a childhood memory or something like that?

There are many. You know what, I am obsessed with delightful fragrances since I was a kid and that’s the main string that’s attached. Some of the most prominent childhood fragrances that still linger in my senses are of freshly bloomed Jasmine and golden Champa flowers, which my grandma used to decorate her room with. So, fresh, so enchanting…

In fact, you can feel this obsession of mine in my products as well.

Why call it Jhelum Loves?

Because I, Jhelum Biswas Bose loves the collection from the brand, that’s why Jhelum Loves.

Tell us something about the brand.

Jhelum Loves basically focuses on addressing different hair and skincare needs of both men and women of all ages. Our collection is completely free from artificiality. So, no artificial colors, fragrance, or flavors just all things natural bestowed with the goodness of aromatherapy & Bach flower remedies.


What products do you deal in?

Our fragrant range of products includes – different types of body mists, feet sprays, hair oils, hair sprays, rejuvenator face oil, face scrubs, after-shave mists, hand sanitizer, face cream, face wash and shampoos. We have recently launched our new collection of ‘7 Chakra Healing Perfume Oils’ and ‘Petrichor, The Smell of Slumber’.

Apart from our existing product line, we also provide custom-tailored options according to the need of our customers, like customized body oils and crèmes, lip butters and hand creams.

Do you also offer Aromatherapy and Bach Flower consultation?

Yes, I do. During the sessions, I address various issues right from hair and skincare problems to emotional challenges like depression, fear, anger, resentment, stress, adjustment in relationships and similar issues. What I feel is that the holistic healing approach of Bach Flower remedies, chakra healing and aromatherapy can help one cope with such day to day issues.

One final question, where do you see ‘Jhelum Loves’ in the years to come?

I go to extra lengths to make sure that the ingredients are wholesome, natural and fresh. With this attitude, I hope Jhelum Loves becomes a part of everyone’s wellness regime in the future.

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