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Catch the Curator #18 – Savitha Rao | Clean Planet

Clean Planet Brings to You the Reasons to Stay Closer to the Mother Nature

Meet Savitha Rao, the motivating force behind Clean Planet, a brand that strives to take you a step closer to nature and helps you create a clean India and thereby a cleaner planet.  

Clean Planet is an eco-stylish brand that strives to create a sustainable, happy and equitable world for all, says Savitha Rao, the brain parent of this planet-friendly brand. She said, “Clean Planet is a group of good people who are marketers and designers working hard to craft different products that have both the elements – style and eco-friendliness”. She further added, “It’s our love and respect for the Mother Nature, a streak of activism and our ‘out of the box’ sense of style that makes Clean Planet complete. We are a mix of all these ingredients”.

Let’s hear some words of wisdom from Savitha Rao, the lady who breathes nature…

What made you create this brand?

A couple of years back, I was leafing through some newspaper, when an article titled, ‘the North Pole melting’ caught my attention. This stirred me from inside and that’s when I thought of doing something in the space of sustainability. That article was kind of an inspiration that led me to form an eco-stylish brand called Clean Planet.

When the concept of Clean Planet first struck our minds, we weren’t sure if people would accept it or not, what would the responses be like, would it be possible for us to bridge the gap between our sense of style and eco-consciousness, would we be able to connect with socially conscious customers? However, now, after months since the launch, we can say we have been successful and are quite happy about our endeavors. Also, we have discovered that when something is done with sincerity, joy and passion, it shows in the result.


What products do you deal in?

We began our journey with fabric-made tote bags and now our range of products include thoughtfully crafted products that will make your everyday life more sustainable like sling bags, placemats, photo frames, gift bags, grocery and veggies bag and so on. With our products you can go “eco in style”. Our upcoming product line is a range of fabric-made handkerchiefs to substitute tree-unfriendly paper napkins.

What were you doing before Clean Planet?

We were a high-end fashion garment line before getting started with Clean Planet.

Is there anything special about your product packaging?

Yes, all our tags are made from wood-free paper that can be reused as bookmarks. Even the twines of the tags are made from natural fiber and not plastic. All our products and POP materials are made from fabrics, stones and wood-less paper. It makes them completely non-toxic and bio-degradable.

What is your work philosophy?

At Clean Planet, we believe that “No one can do everything, but everyone can do a LOT!” We also believe – “Each one of us can make a difference, but together we can change”. Therefore, we combine our international experience with our passion for creating a range of creative, unique and contemporary accessories.

One last question, do you support any cause apart from protecting the nature?

Yes, at Clean Planet we support livelihood programs for women under our initiative called Clean Planet Empower.

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