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Catch the Curator #17 – Rathan Naidu | Cheatz Bangalore

Go Bacon With Authentic ‘Baconlicious’ Recipes From Cheatz Bakery

An ardent bacon fan and the founder of Bangalore’s Cheatz Bakery, meet Rathan Naidu. A man who is committed to indulging the foodie in you.

Cheatz Bakery is like manna from above for all bacon lovers”, he says as he reflects upon his brand that has been overflowing with orders for his bacon-soaked gourmet spreads and jams. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t drool at the thought of all things bacon and made a mental note to get some as soon as I got home. He nods at my appreciation for bacon and says ‘Love for bacon is as unadulterated and pure as unconditional love.’ True to this, Cheatz Bakery celebrates flavours by creative and clever pairing of delicious ingredients, with an even more delicious ingredient- bacon.

Eager to be a part of this celebration of mouth-watering flavors? Here’s a sneak peek into my conversation with the delightful Ranthan Naidu –

1. What made you decide to take up bacon as your master ingredient?

My friends and I are mad about bacon and its preparations. So, we started brainstorming ideas for making it a part of our daily platter. Initially, we made various attempts using trial and error methods like pairing different ingredients with bacon to get what we were actually looking for. After days of experimentation, one fine day, with the help of our food scientist, we finally came up with a sweet, savoury and succulent jam that’s now known as Cheatz Bakery Bacon Jam.

2. How did you go about promoting the brand once you’d decided to share your bacon products with people?

We started with local fests and flea markets across Bangalore and the responses our products got were like huge. This motivated us like never before and we kick-started the expansion all over the city and the online marketplace.

3. What makes Cheatz Bakery different from all other brands out there?

Cheatz Bakery is all about handcrafted products carved out of the finest quality curated ingredients. Cheatz Bakery is also about some genuinely drool-worthy bacon delights. Right from our finger-licking jams to smoked and scrumptious bacon chutneys, everything we have will never let the ‘bacon-holic’ inside you stop from loving us.


4. What do you take pride in the most when it comes to your products?

Our products are curated and handmade. We put in a lot of love in every product. Our bacon infused products are nothing less than heavenly.

5.If I were to ask you to give me a rundown of your most loved products, what would they be?

We love everything we make because of how close it is to our hearts and how much we love bacon. But if we’d have to pick our hot sellers, they’d include –

  • Authentic Bacon Butter – This is a delicious and rich spread that’s made with bacon and loads of melt-in-the-mouth butter and milk solids.

  • Authentic Bacon Chutney – This is for those of us who are desi at heart. Our spicy Indian variant of our jam range blends the mouthwatering flavors of bacon with the aroma of the Indian spices.

  • Authentic Bacon Jam – This is an umami-clad recipe that combines the flavorsome duo of caramelized onion and slow cooked bacon.

  • Authentic Smoked And Spicy Bacon – This is the super-spicy combination of two of the India’s most tempting chillies – Guntur and Kashmiri.

6. Last but not the least, what’s the one thing that customers have loved about Cheatz Bakery, apart from the delicious products it has?

Each and every product that goes out of Cheatz Bakery’s kitchen is handmade with lots of love. Most importantly, we prepare our recipes on demand and home-deliver them to you straight from the kitchens. At Cheatz Bakery, we bond over our food. We hope our customers do too.

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