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Catch the Curator #15 – Chenddyna Schae | Jus’Trufs

Jus’TrufsWhere The Air Smells Like Chocolate All Day Long

Meet Chenddyna Schae, one of Indias finest chocolatiers and the helmswoman of Jus’Trufs- a line of exquisite, finely crafted and traditionally made premium chocolate truffles.

Chenddyna describes Jus’Trufs as a unified endeavor of a passionatechocolateloving mother, a foodie father and two enthusiastic sons who loved smuggling boxes full of chocolates to their school every day (no wonder they were the most popular guys in the school) and helped their mommy during rush hours and after school. She recalls, “We started our journey from our kitchen at our Bangalore home in the year 2001. I still cant believe it has been 16 years of chocolatemaking now”.

Such dedication towards passion is rarely seen. Lets capture these moments and share some words with one of the finest chocolatiers in India, Chenddyna Schae

What got you started with Jus’Trufs?

Before I got hitched to my Mr. Right, I had an experience of having my own chocolaterie, which I eventually had to give up. Meanwhile, during the 10 years of long gap of not having a business, I became a wife and a mother and then we had to move to Bangalore all of a sudden in 2001. We got our kids enrolled in a fullday school there and I was left with a lot of time on my hands, with very little capital. Determined to not borrow any money from the bank, we thought of restarting the business from our homes kitchen, a small, handmade and curated chocolaterie. Thats when I decided to go back to my first love-chocolate making- and thats when Jus’Trufs came alive.


Whats your inspiration?

Actually, I dont call it an inspiration; rather its my love and appreciation for dark chocolate, soul food recipes and notsosweet desserts. I love combining sweet with salty. I keep on trying new recipes and new ingredients. I hate routine and honestly looking at the account books scares me like hell.

What according to you adds uniqueness to your products?

Well, I think it’s our love and passion towards chocolate making that shines through whatever we make. Also, we do not use any kind of preservatives and the ingredients are all natural, fresh and wholesome. Most importantly, we are also trying to minimize our carbon footprint by sourcing out local ingredients whenever and wherever possible. We love nature and try out best to protect it.

I am a firm believer of the ‘Sharpen the Saw’ policy. So, I keep on upgrading my chocolatiering and cooking skills to serve you with the best of Jus’Trufs.

If not Jus’Trufs, what else would you be doing?

I have considered the idea of getting started with an early learning center for kids. A center, where we can help kids multiply their intelligence. I got the inspiration for this from my experience with my niece who has cerebral palsy. However, in spite of that she managed to learn reading and articulating things easily with the help of Mr. Glenn Doman’s books and her parents’ encouragement.

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