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Catch the Curator #14 – Shweta Khandelwal | Matru Ayurveda

Matru Ayurveda, an Endeavor to Make Life Healthier and Better

Meet Shweta Khandelwal, a lifelong learner and the heart of Matru Ayurveda, a brand that advocates going natural for all your skin and hair concerns.

Shweta formed Matru Ayurveda as an attempt to do her bit to bring about change in the status quo and help people like you and me, to get out of the vicious circle of chemical-based skincare products and their harmful side-effects.

Having completed her Master’s degree in Chemistry, she knew very well that chemical-laden products can affect our health and well-being. She often heard her friends discussing a plethora of skin and hair issues they faced. Inspired by such talk, Shweta decided to form Matru Ayurveda with her mom’s all-natural and homemade products.

Let’s trace Shweta’s journey with Matru Ayurveda…

What actually led you to think of Matru Ayurveda?

Well, it all started with a casual conversation with a friend of mine by the pool, while we were waiting for our daughters to finish their swimming. While admiring my long tresses, she asked me, “What should I do or use to treat my daughter’s excessive hair fall?”

I have always been a believer and supporter of doing things naturally. I don’t know, whether you’ll believe it or not, but I have never ever used any commercial skin and hair cleansers so far. I prefer using my mother’s homemade cleansers, instead. That’s all I had in my kitty at that time. So, I gave some of it to my friend and her response was really good.

With this response, I got the idea of making my mom’s recipes available to all, and I started selling hair cleansers at various events and flea markets across Bengaluru. The responses I got motivated me even more and I started sourcing my mom’s handmade skin and hair powders from Nagpur, my hometown. Once my products got a loyal customer base, I finally launched Matru Ayurveda in January 2015.


What products do you deal in?

Matru Ayurveda is basically about body and hair powders and cold pressed herbal hair oils made from natural ingredients. Every product available with Matru Ayurveda is handmade and prepared with curated ingredients sourced from various places.

What makes Matru Ayurveda special?

I am a lifelong learner. So, my urge to learn new things does not satiate that easily, especially if it’s related to the sustainable and natural pursuit of living like reiki, pranic healing, meditation, gardening, homeopathy and other forms of alternate medicine. It shows in my products that harness the potency of Indian herbs to fix a number of scalp and skin issues. That’s why Matru Ayurveda is special.

Tell us about your bestsellers…

One of the most popular products from the house of Matru Ayurveda is the All Natural Anti Tan Neem Chandan Ubtan Powder. Apart from that, our cold pressed Coconut, Sesame and Castor Oil, Virgin Cold Pressed Almond Oil, Royal Saffron Ayurvedic Facial, Natural Hair Care Combo (Blend Oil + Shikakai Powder) and Mix of Herbs Pack for the Perfect Hair Oil are also very popular in the market.

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