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Catch the Curator #13 – K V Guruprasad | Vijaya Foods

Vijaya Foods – Where Every Product is an Epitome of Traditional Values

Meet K V Guruprasad, the maker of Vijaya Foods, which he refers to as an amalgamation of Traditional Recipes’ with organically produced ingredients minus chemicals.

Vijaya Foods started its journey with the recipes passed on to Guruprasad’s mother from her grandmother. The recipes are the soul of the brand and aided Vijaya Foods to reach out to more and more people with their food products. It’s their traditional recipes and thoughtful intention which gained them a reputation in the market in no time.

Today we have Mr. K V Guruprasad, the owner of VIjaya foods with us. Let us understand a bit more about the brand from him:

When did the journey of Vijaya Foods start?

Vijaya Foods started its journey in January 2015. I think it was the perfect time for the launch because at that time the demand of organic and preservative-free food products was on a surge owing to the increasing awareness among the people about how chemical-loaded food items was affecting their health and wellbeing.

The market is already flooded with tons of brands. How do you make a mark?

The recipes of the products we make are all inherited by my mother from our ancestors. Therefore, we have designated them as our key products. In order to make a mark in this industry that’s already full of so many ‘natural’ brands, as you said, all we have is our traditional recipes, 100% chemical-free ingredients, attractive product design and unparalleled packaging style.

What’s your objective at Vijaya Foods?

At Vijaya Foods, we emphasize on sourcing chemical-free ingredients and churning them into healthy food products while adhering to industry standards, quality and considerable shelf life. We use indigenous ingredients and traditional food processing methods to make sure that the carbon footprint remains low. Moreover, our chemical-free food processing methods ensure that the ingredients don’t lose out their natural nutritional values and taste.




Tell us about your bestselling products…

Some of our bestselling products are –

 100% Natural Multi-Grain Malt – It is formulated using handpicked grains and is suitable for all age groups.

 100% Natural Ragi Popped Flour – It is the blend of carefully selected Ragi grains processed at right temperature to preserve the nutritional value of the grains.

100% Natural Sorghum Popped Flour  – Vijaya Foods’ Sorghum Popped Flour is the perfect substitute to what you have in your breakfast and snack on. It is gluten-free and completely healthy.

Preservative Free Ragi Sari For Babies – It’s a traditional recipe loaded with the goodness of calcium and iron and suitable for babies of 6 month to 2 years.


One last question, where do you see Vijaya Foods in the coming years?

Well, with a view of becoming leaders in ‘health food’ and ‘millet based’ food processing, Vijaya Foods is growing in a step by step manner with a prominent presence in Bengaluru as well as Online stores across India. In the coming years we definitely want to see our brand becoming integral to every household.

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