Black Friday 2016 | How to Get the Best Online Deals
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Black Friday 2016 | How to Get the Best Online Deals

The much awaited Black Friday 2016 Sale is just around the corner. The clock is ticking and eager shoppers can hardly wait for the countdown to end.

Blockbuster sales, fabulous discounts, early bird offers and incredible bargains…get all this and more from top retailers across India.

25 NOVEMBER 2016 is set as the Black Friday of 2016. Everybody is raving about the amazing deals and this year, it’s taken the internet by storm. The annual shopping bonanza has begun with many online retail shops already declaring tempting bargain offers to lure in customers.

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Traditionally, Black Friday used to be a one-day affair after Thanksgiving, when traditional retail stores offered huge discounts in the form of a pre-Christmas sale. Now, with the increase in the number of online stores, the Black Friday frenzy has begun early and almost all the major online shopping companies have launched their deals.
According to research on consumer trends, people are most likely to purchase electronic gadgets during the Black Friday Sale. However, it is also a great opportunity for early Christmas shopping at reduced rates. Hence, huge discounts are offered by various online shopping companies on other product categories such as fashion, home decor, gifts, garden, toys and more.

While tech-related items are being offered 31% cheaper on average, less traditional products have bigger discounts of up to 50%. Though Black Friday is originally an American tradition, other countries have followed suit and jumped on the bandwagon of the enticing Black Friday sale.
In India, most online stores have offered massive discounts on a variety of products in an attempt to persuade buyers to get their hands on some good deals before Christmas. Since Christmas is the next big festival coming up and everyone’s on a shopping spree, it seems like a good idea to shop for handmade and sustainable products to gift your loved one.

Qtrove, an online store sells an array of curated products that are perfect as gifts for everyone on Christmas. This Black Friday, Qtrove has an assortment of goods for you that you can purchase at very reasonable rates. Looking for Christmas gifts here? Get a ton of wonderful gifts from home decor, bathroom accessories, living room essentials, dining and kitchen supplies, food products, fashion for men and women, accessories and more.

Homemade Foods and Beverages

What can be a better present for your loved one than an assortment of homemade chocolates or a box full of home-baked cookies? You’ll find a number of bakeries selling these items at a higher rate. Don’t shop blindly. Compare the prices online and then make an informed choice. You can also purchase tea, coffee, breakfast items, fresh sauces, pickles, jams and preserves, gourmet foods, healthy snacks and more from Qtrove’s speciality food and beverages store.

Bath and Beyond

Take advantage of some unbeatable deals on chemical-free skincare and hair care products on this Black Friday. It is best to research in advance to ensure that you get the right deals. Beauty items are very expensive and buying them during a massive sale like this seems like a lucrative deal. Purchase skincare items, hair care products, fragrances and more during this Black Friday.


As most people go after electronic items during the Black Friday Sale, they often miss out on the other items on sale that offer tempting discounts. Spruce up your wardrobe during this sale by purchasing fashion wear and accessories. Make use of the coupon codes while purchasing fashion products online to save more.

Home Décor

Black Friday sale is the perfect time to purchase home décor items given that Christmas is just round the corner. Instead of buying expensive home décor stuff during the Christmas season, it’s feasible to do so during this time. Liven up your living room with vivid cushion covers or handcrafted skulls and wall art. Add some garden décor items, candles, artefacts and more to your shopping basket and you’ll be covered for the festive season.

Pet Care items

While you’re on the spree, don’t forget your pet has needs too. Black Friday is a good opportunity to stock up on pet skin care, pet food and other pet-related items.

Gift items

Make the most out of the deals on Black Friday.

Purchase some thoughtful and elegant gifts for your friends as well as family. Whether it’s Christmas or a birthday, you’ll find all kinds of gift items for your loved ones during this time at reduced rates. Express your gratitude towards your boss or a colleague through corporate gift items that are also likely to be offered at reasonable rates.

While the Black Friday sale isn’t supposed to begin until Friday, it’s better to complete your research before time so that you are not lost when the sale begins. If you have your mind set on buying a product, check out the various models and be ready to grab it as soon as the sale starts. The customer reviews of the product will give you a better idea about the product. You will save time and ensure that you purchase a product that will make you happy.

There are a lot of fraud dealers over the internet who will lure you through exciting offers and you could end up with a bad product. It’s recommended that you don’t always go by the lowest deal but also make sure that you get the product from a genuine dealer.

It’s always profitable to think long term and purchase gifts in advance for the entire family at reduced rates. Many online stores like Qtrove offer a delightful value on handmade and other curated products. Take advantage of these deals and prepare your shopping list accordingly.

Stay indoors and shop at your own convenience through online stores. While shops all around the world offer good deals on Black Friday, it’s better to avoid the rush at the stores by shopping online. You can check out a variety of products at one go and purchase without having to stand in long queues.

So, make the right choices this Black Friday 2016 and indulge in a shopping extravaganza. Don’t wait to save money to buy something you like. Take advantage of the biggest sale of the year and make it worth your while.


  • Well searching for and shopping for deals and eventually ending up putting your credit card details is not a good idea.. first verify couple of things, and make sure you are using a VPN service which will encrypt the traffic. preferably opt for Ivacy as they are running a deal on Christmas which is huge and they have reputable name. Also make sure you don’t get into any phising scam.
    Don’t save your details on any site, and never buy or order things from non https: sites


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