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Beat The Bite With All-Natural Mosquito Repellents

Over the last few years, the incidence of dengue and malaria cases have just been getting worse. According to WHO (World Health Organisation) estimates, every year there are 390 million cases of dengue reported worldwide, and in India alone there have been 27, 879 cases and 60 reported deaths so far. And the year isn’t even out yet!

Dengue and malaria are both hard-to-treat diseases. The sole malaria vaccine in the market has a very low efficacy (of only 25-40%) and as for dengue, there is still no known cure for the virus. The treatment is symptomatic at best, and the disease can prove fatal if not treated properly. This however, does not mean that these diseases are not preventable and by following strict hygiene and some natural measures you can easily beat the bite, and keep yourself and your loved ones safe from these twin threats.

Preventive measures for dengue and malaria

We all know mosquitoes breed in stagnant water; so the first step is to keep your house and surroundings clean and completely destroy all mosquito haunts; Terminator style! Make sure your doors and windows have good screens that prevent the buzzing monsters from flying in. Applying a mosquito repellent cream on exposed skin while venturing out is also a good idea, and much effective than wearing layers of clothing that do nothing except make you uncomfortable and sweaty.

Using natural methods to ward off mosquitoes

Despite all your good intentions and obsessive cleaning, you may still not be able to completely mosquito-proof your house without using extra help. We suggest you try natural means to protect yourself instead of using chemical-laden repellents which do you more harm than good:

  1. Areev Natural Citronella Mosquito Repellent

This all-natural citronella spray comes in a handy bottle and can be used both indoors and outdoors. The spray masks scents that attract mosquitoes, namely carbon dioxide and lactic acid, and most importantly, it is non-toxic to both humans and pet animals.  This spray from Areev does not contain any DEET, which is a major component of chemical repellents, and though it cannot be used directly on skin you can use it to keep the air around you smelling fresh, and free of unwanted buzzing things.

  1. Meherr Citronella Candle

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Another way you can use citronella in your home is by burning aromatic candles. A study by researchers at the University of Guelph in Ontario states that using citronella candles can reduce mosquito landings by about 42% (Source). Combined with other preventive measures, these handmade candles from Meherr with citronella essence are a great way to ensure you live a fragrant, malaria and dengue-free life.



  1. Leaf and Flower Works Lavender Scented Candle

If you do not like the smell of citronella however, then despair not and use lavender oil in its place. Lavender has been used for ages in skin care products and while it is completely safe for humans and pets, the smell is a death knoll for our pesky friends. This scented candle from Leaf and Flower Works looks delectable, and gives off a strong fragrance that will keep the mosquitoes away from your home for sure.


  1. IRIS Lavender Vaporizer Oil

Now that you know how useful the humble lavender can be, maybe you would want to build your own DIY anti-mosquito kit full of lavender products like soaps, body oils, essential oils and vaporizers. We recommend this lavender vaporisers oil from IRIS for its amazing aroma and long-lasting experience.


At Qtrove, we strive to bring you handmade and handpicked products that will make a difference to your home and hearth. We will keep adding to our list of all natural pest and insect repellents, so while you should try these anti-mosquito remedies at once, do come back for more natural solutions for stubborn bugs and pests. Till then, stay safe and mosquito-free!


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