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Sonia Gaikwad unlike many children her age, look forward to go to school. Her first ever handmade soap was made in a school project, 22 years ago. The teacher had taught her class in simple steps on how easy it was to make chemical-free soaps and its impact on the skin and environment as a whole.

Growing up, Sonia pursued engineering and lived and worked across the globe in countries such as Spain, US, and the UK. Backed by many years of engineering experience and working under many renowned companies, she never was satisfied and always wanted to establish something she could call her own. So in August 2015, Sonia took the big bold step to leave her well-paying job behind and take up her school project to another level altogether! Pratha Naturals Handmade Establishment was Sonia’s muse now. She created an all-natural bath, body and spa line based in Pune.

Pratha Naturals Qtrove

Shunning preservatives, surfactants, alcohol, artificial colourants, scents and animal fat, Sonia makes skincare products and beauty and hair oils that help address a wide range of dermatological and scalp issues. She incorporates powerful plant oils, moisturising butters, healing natural fruit and plant extracts and herbs, and makes cakes using the cold process method, ensuring the purest cakes with the ingredients folded in being the heroes. Especially popular are Sonia’s hair oils, Nine 4 U Hair Oil, in particular. With nine potent ingredients, each addressing a particular hair and scalp issue, the oil has considerably reduced hair fall in customers. So safe and chemicals-free are Sonia’s products that many of her regular customers happen to be gurgling babies!

Pratha’s extra virgin olive oil soap, when smoothed over tender skin, is a safe way to bathe babies, and provides ample moisturization to their growing bodies. At the helm of an eight-member team, Sonia ensures the handmade soaps are made in small batches, so that quality does not take a hit. She takes pains to source ingredients from far-flung places, such as the pure Raspberry extract from Korea for her antioxidants-rich Raspberry soap. Ginsberg extract for the hair oil is sourced from Korea as well.

We at Qtrove get an exact sense of how pure Pratha Naturals products are when we tried them out. We highly recommend its Herbs Spice and Salt Scrub, which will exfoliate your skin, leave it tingling, soft and fragrant.


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