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All Natural Travel Must-Haves for Your Next Trip

Make 2019 a year of travel, because most of the other things in life can wait. Well, travel can wait too, but we believe that all good things should be grabbed before they lose their sheen. Early weeks of January provide a perfect opportunity to take a trip with nearly all airlines and hotels offering great deals. And, there are many savvy travelers taking full advantage of this opportunity.

One cannot deny packing for a trip is as challenging as planning for a trip. For some reason, you always live in fear of overpacking, but there’s really nothing worse than forgetting an essential like facewash or a lip balm. Seriously, when it comes to packing, the struggles are endless. So, we are here to help you to not only pack better and with all natural, handmade products with no added chemicals.

Roll-On Deodorant-All Natural Rose And Vanilla


Most of us depend on our deodorant like the air we breathe, relying on it to get us through treks, hot yoga sessions and lazy no-shower days. So, this makes deodorants a must have on any trip no matter where you are headed. But the pitfalls of regular deodorants vary in everything from skin irritation, possible health risks, and even making perspiration worse. But don’t sweat it!

Natural deodorant can help tackle all of these issues. Carry this Roll-On Deodorant by Vilvah Store. It has a mild rose and vanilla fragrance with lasts the entire day irrespective of the weather and is 100% safe with no alcohol or chemicals.



Chemical Free Orange Lip Butter

The first rule while traveling is not to forget your lip balm while packing. Your lips are one of the most sensitive and environmentally susceptible parts of our body. Since you are unaware of how the change in climate will impact your skin, it is very essential to carry a natural lip balm to keep your lips hydrated and avoid flakiness.


You must pack this Natural Orange Lip Butter by Raw Rituals. This lip butter moisturizes, softens, and hydrates and is ideal because it is made of pure essential oils and multiple fruits and flower extracts.



Tea Tree Face Wash


Since your skin is exposed to different environments while traveling, you are bound to attract dirt and bacteria; therefore a face wash is a must in your travel kit.


Go for this Tea Tree Face Wash by Ancient Living. Anti-Bacterial in nature, this face wash is fortified with natural, skin clarifying ingredients like tea tree extract, aloe vera, vitamins, and essential oils. It reduces sun damage, blemishes, and pigmentation. So, stop worrying about your skin and get excited for the vacation ahead.



Perfect Glow Cream-All Natural Base

It’s the season for travel and plenty of time outdoors irrespective of the weather. Wherever you’re headed, it can be difficult to decipher what makeup products are best for packing in your travel bag.


If you find yourself not wanting to apply any type of foundation or face makeup while on vacation, we have the perfect solution. Try this, Perfect Glow Cream by Barva Skin. It gives a natural matte finish, smoothens fine lines, wrinkles, and creates a natural base for additional makeup. All of these benefits by a cream made of all natural ingredients.


Chemical Free Mosquito Repellent Spray


Whether you are planning a seaside vacation or a Safari expedition, you need to make sure that you protect yourself from mosquitos. It is always better to be safe than sorry, so the best way to protect yourself from these pesky bugs is to arm yourself with an effective repellent.


You must carry this Chemical Free Mosquito Repellent Spray by Tattva. Most repellents are effective in warding off the bugs but are harmful to the skin, this, on the other hand, is made of natural essential oils. It is 100% safe to use, even when used on the face. So, don’t forget to pack this.


Himalayan Salt and Pepper Makhana


Packing some snacks for a trip is a great way of keeping yourself away from the unhealthy junk and keeping yourself sane when hunger strikes. And, it’s best to carry some healthy eatables when you have kids onboard.


These Roasted Makhanas by Nutty Yogi is the ideal snack you can carry. These are lightweight, loaded with nutrition, appetizing and keep you full for quite some time. So, save yourself the trouble of eating junk and switch to this healthy and tasty option this holiday season.



Berries Mix – Trail Mix


If you ’re a constantly hungry traveler, but also don’t want to break your bank whenever hungry strikes then you need to carry some snacks along.


This holiday season don’t just explore new destinations but also enjoy the local delicacies. But before you do that pack this pack a jar of Trail Mix by Omay Foods. This healthy berry loaded trail mix is a completely roasted snack which you can enjoy guilt-free. Also, it will keep you from dying of hunger and along with this fulfill your nutrition requirements even on vacation.


Travel Kit

You may or may not be an organized person at home but you cannot deny that having an organized travel kit with all your basic essentials eases the everyday stresses of travel.


Use this Travel Kit by Dotted i. They allow optimum use of the space in your luggage and keeping everything organized and in place during your travel making, thereby making the task of packing and re-packing simple and stress-free. Made using lightweight fabric, they can store all of your toiletries, makeup essentials, and soft fabric. Buying a travel kit will always be a wise investment for all the travelers.


Reed Bags


When you go out for a day exploring the new destination, it is normally advised to pack a few essentials.  A Sling Bag or a Tote Bag is a must-have travel companion! And ladies, we have got you covered.


We bring to you stylish yet purposeful Reed bags by Ziveli. These bags are spacious enough to carry your sunglasses, scarves, and light snacks along with the staples. On top of this, they go well with your summer dresses and add an extra style element to your overall outfit. Pack your basic essentials in one of these and stay sorted the entire vacation.


Understanding how stressful packing can be. We hope our list of all natural must-have travel essentials was of some help.

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