It’s again the time of the most romantic day of the year which is widely accepted and well quite publicly celebrated amongst couples. As it the only answer to couples when asked, for the best day to express their deepest and truest feelings for their other half. Every living individual knows all about this day and know that this is the day of love. There are quite scenarios for different peoples some may be celebrating it for the first time. You or your partner may not say it out loud but deep down even her/she want to celebrate it out loud or expects to make this day feel memorable that shall help you make your bond stronger.

Here are some things that you should totally avoid doing on this valentine unless you want to spend it alone.


  1. Never forget or pretend to forget.

This plan seems to be on the top of everyone’s list to surprise their better in midst of the day or night. As far as surprises go, as long it is well planned and expected for then go for it, or else it will just ruin the mood, even if you have planned one then at least give him/her a tip-off to better expect something or else both of you will plan different things and end up spending half of it. Things will be the best if both you are planning something and enjoying the best of it, it does not need to be the best of the world but content enough to make your day memorable. And the most important thing never forget this day or else it will turn into the most envious day from most romantic day.


  1. Propose only if you are sure of it.

The internet is flooding with videos of rejections and humiliations caused to the couple when they perform these stunts in public and get turned down. Thought you think you love you better half, but make sure the feeling is mutual and also you believe that this will work and you want this to happen. This should not be a rash decision, for some, it should be the only answer but for others make sure you are ready to run the marathon and not just register for it.


  1. Don’t compare with others

Everyone has their own capacity and likability to do and perceive things so make sure to be appreciative of it. Consider that others are staring at their TV screens all by their selves. Compare with them if you want to, but never do the things like look at them they are celebrating so lavishly and stuff, look into the fact that your other half has also put some efforts that were only done for the motive of making your day a best one, no matter what. Appreciate what you have, if you want things to improve then do ask for it, as people say “be the change you want to be” make the required efforts to make your day beautiful rather than asking for it with consideration of course of his/her intentions!


  1. Do more than just Cliché things.

NO doubt that the routine things work the best and without fail are the best options to choose from. But make sure this valentine’s that you are more of yourself presented in a loving way, rather than pretending to be someone else. If not possible at least make sure to add a little bit of extra thing to those cliché things that would though seem common but with the personal tough give you the benefit of effort and intention. All that matters is to make your loved one feel special and loved and one in a million as they really are, aren’t they?


  1. Confirm plans before you leave

In the middle of all the planning and figuring out what to do, people always forget the important thing to do is when finalized forget to confirm it. Be it a movie date or an expensive dinner date make sure to confirm those plans, or else with those fancy dress and hyped feeling you’ll get low when stood up. The main priority that all you plan should go without any hurdles.


  1. Overwhelming gifts.

Never get carried away with the moment and bring something that was uncalled for and also way out of your league or just not the thing you are sure about, which might make you regret later. Your intentions may be pure and express your love, but you are still in the new love phase of your relationship and also might have a hard time naming your level of relation, this gift would define the future so think about it. IF your partner may have planned something subtle, and this might steal all the light then it would make an understatement of your partner’s feelings towards you. Make sure to include your partner in the planning process as the day will be shared by both of you.


  1. Fighting jealousy keep them at a bay.

Don’t just fight the day before and expect to have a great time on Valentine’s Day. Keep a clean record, resolve all issues before the day arrives. It’s just not dependent on the day, but in order to have a healthy relationship, it is always advised to keep your love life clear of any doubt, be an open booklet them be a part of your life as much as you are in theirs. This day is all about love, this is the only feeling that should be felt on this day as well on the days to come in the future. Clear it all out because love is the thing that matters the most.


  1. Letting in end on the same day

Keep the fire alive from this day onwards, needless this day is labeled as valentines but if you keep loving your partner and keep the spark alive every day will be a valentine and you would not need a reason to celebrate your love!


Happy Valentines all!

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