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8 Health Benefits of Chicken Livers You Should Know

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8 Health Benefits of Chicken Livers You Should KnowChicken liver anyone?

If you love chicken but the thought of eating the bird’s liver makes you feel yuck, then you must definitely explore 8 Health Benefits of Chicken Livers enlisted in this blog. Cumulative of essential vitamins and nutrients chicken liver is the most rewarding high-protein food you can savour. But it is always good when consumed in moderation, as in some cases the high fat and cholesterol content could pose a problem.

The 8 Amazing Health Benefits of Chicken Liver Are:

  1. Nutritional content

A one-ounce serving of cooked chicken livers contains:
45 calories
1 gram of fat
15 milligrams of sodium
No carbohydrate
7 grams protein

Fat and Cholesterol – A diet low in saturated fat, can help in maintaining a healthy weight and minimise the chances of developing cardiac illnesses and chronic diseases such as cancer. One chicken liver contains 0.9 grams of saturated fat out of 2.86 grams of total fat and a whooping 248 milligrams of cholesterol. It is this cholesterol content that makes chicken liver an occasional part of your diet.

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