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7 Ways to Protect Your Baby’s Skin

Those tiny hands curled around your finger, those tender feet under the quilt, that soft and delicate touch – what all would you do to protect your newborn’s tender skin. I guess everything in your power. Right?

Today, parents are extremely cautious of the products they plan on using onto their baby’s skin. From Best Organic Baby Skin Care Products to chemical free ones there is a surge in the quest for ‘baby-skin-safe’ products.

In this blog, we will not only introduce you to 7 Ways to Protect Your Baby’s Skin but also bring forth a range of products that will take care of your child’s skin just like you do.

Do not expose your child to a wide range of Newborn Baby Care Products:

Your baby has arrived, and you are on cloud nine. But, remember it is in those initial days you need to be very cautious and careful towards all the things the baby is exposed to.

There might be an outpouring of affection from near and dear ones, but remember that even the smallest thing like cuddles from the family members wearing perfumes and certain skin care products could irritate your little one’s skin.

Thus, limit the people who visit the baby. Remember, his immune system is weak and prone to infections.

Qtrove recommendationOrganic Baby Lotion, which soothes and protects young skin and is made of 80% certified organic ingredients. All our Organic Baby Bath Products are worth trying.

Don’t bathe them too often:

Babies tend to get dirty time and again. But avoid bathing your child again and again, as it might result in dry skin and eczema. Baby’s skin contains natural enzymes and oils that protect him from skin issues, and frequent bath tampers those fluids and leaves the skin prone to various infections.

Qtrove recommendation –

To bathe your baby use a gentle product such as Castile Baby Soap, which cleanses without tampering your baby’s skin.

Choose mild detergents to wash baby’s cute outfits:

Did you know that even the laundry powder or soap could irritate your baby’s skin? Make sure you check the ingredients of the detergent you use for washing your child’s clothes.

Always choose a mild detergent. Rinse baby’s clothes and bedding at least twice to ensure that any remaining detergent is washed away. Also, make it a point to wash any new clothes before making him wear them.

Dry your baby thoroughly:

Post the bathing session make sure your baby is properly dried to prevent problems such as nappy rash.

Qtrove recommendation – The Sandalwood Diaper Rash Baby Butter, formulated with sandalwood, Geranium and Chamomile nourishes and protects sensitive baby skin.

Shield the little munchkin from the sun:

Planning to take your baby on an outing? Well, opt for sensible clothing like a big floppy hat to shield their face and neck along with loose, baggy clothing so that maximum coverage is ensured.

Doctors recommend that you should use sunscreen that’s SPF 50+ and apply to face, neck, shoulders and feet.

Qtrove recommendation – The Traditional Head-To-Toe Baby Bath Powder is a natural, a chemical free product for babies. It will nourish baby’s skin and maintain its health.

To protect your baby from the harmful UV rays, we also have 100% Cotton Slate Full Buckle Baby Carrier that comes with a hood.

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