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7 Ways to Keep Your Home Clean With Pets

If you share your home with a furry friend, the good news is you’re probably happier and healthier than most people. The bad news? Your house quite possibly isn’t. Pets make great companions but they sure leave quite the mess and the stink. But fear not! We’ve compiled some top tried and tested tips to keep your pet-friendly home feeling fresh.

Don’t Skip Bathtime

Regular baths are the first and most important step to keeping your pet and home smelling fresh. Remember, though, that too many baths can strip essential oils and dry the skin. Most pets only need baths every few weeks or when they get especially stinky. If you have a dog, you must know they thrive on routine, so make bath time predictable and consistent.

Wash The Kennel

When you give your pooch a bath, make sure you also clean their den. Kennel cleaning is important if you want your dog to be as healthy and safe as possible. However, the cleaning products you use are just as crucial to your pet’s health and safety. Chemicals like bleach and ammonia can be irritating and hazardous, and they aren’t exactly gentle on the environment.

Deep Action Kennel Wash by Odorite is the safest product for cleaning and odour control in pet areas. It is a micro-biological cleaning formula with active beneficial bacteria which eliminate urine smell and stains permanently. So to reduce the incidents of infection and tick infestation this should be your go to option. Also, it is non-toxic, eco-friendly, biodegradable and super effective.


Brush Your Pets Regularly

Talking about your furry friends, a good way to deal with the accumulation of their hair inside your home is to brush your pets regularly. This will reduce the shedding of fur and will also keep the skin of your pet healthier. Most importantly, if you do the brushing of your pet outside, it will help you keep the interior of your home much cleaner.

Every pet owner must also have a lint roller in their cleaning arsenal. It is the perfect tool for clean sofas, throw pillows, overstuffed furniture and pretty much anywhere your Fido has been.

Stop Dirt and Mud At The Door

The entrance of your home is clearly one of the highest traffic portions of your home. It gets dirty very easily especially when you have pets at home. It is obvious that when you take your pets outside, they accumulate a lot of dirt and allergens which may easily enter your household along with them. So, keep a towel and a shallow container of room temperature water by the door to wipe down any muddy paws before your dog comes into the house. Place paw mats on the inside and outside of doors and train your pet to wait on the mat to have their paws wiped down after going for walks.

De-Stink With Natural Fragrances

It’s tempting to use everyday sprays and candles to mask pet smell in your home. However, your pet could be sensitive or allergic to the chemicals in commercial candles or air fresheners.

So, try this natural alternative instead – Pet Area Freshener by Odorite. It helps you deal with two big challenges which are sweat and toilet-accidents. Made using active natural ingredients it doesn’t just mask the bad smell but completely eliminates it. Also, it is 100% safe and chemical-free. Definitely a must-have in every house with pets.




Invest In Durable Materials

To avoid clawed-up carpet and a dirty couch, opt for decor made of durable, sturdy materials. Indoor and outdoor rugs should have a low pile that’s not easily torn and can be hosed down outside in case any messes occur. And whenever possible, use stain-resistant fabrics in high traffic areas like the living room. They’ll be easier to clean and keep your home looking fresh.

Clean Their Dishes

You may not realize it so much, because it can be one of those things that we just get used to seeing, but your pet’s dishes get pretty gross and usually stink. You really should be cleaning your pet’s dishes everyday, but if that isn’t happening, try to give them a nice rinse out and wipe-down on a regular basis and wipe the floor, wall, and trim around their eating area as well. If you’ve not been doing this regularly, you’ll be surprised to see how much cleaner that area of your home feels once you start.

Loving your pet is a lot more important than being stressed over muddy paws and shedding, but you can use these steps to make things a bit easier. It may sound like a lot of work, but thankfully there are more moments that make it all worth it!



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