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7 reasons why you should switch to essential oils for your skin

7 reasons why you should switch to essential oils for your skin

Heard about essential oils? Of course you have. Remember how your mother insisted you use haldi on your skin before the cousin’s wedding. Or your grand-mom had her favourite lavender oil massage before falling asleep. Essential oils have made resounding comebacks with suddenly the world (and yeah that’s the whole, wide world outside India) has woken up to the goodness of oils. As substitutes for chemicals that we often put on our skin in name of skincare.

More Than Skin Deep: Essential oils are also nature’s mood enhancers. Lavender, peppermint, grapefruit, chamomile, lemon help lifting moods. The good old turmeric helps fight stress. Ylang Ylang sounds a little quirky and is possibly one of nature’s best anti-depressants. Okay, do hw does this whole mood-enhancing thing work? Essential oils molecules diffuse in the air and enter your system. Because smells are carried directly to the brain, they serve as emotional triggers. Our basic emotions and hormonal balance are triggered by smells. Essential oils have been found to elevate mood in clinical trials. So you are basically carrying the keys to your happiness in that small bottle of oil in your purse.


Protect Those Skin Layers: Here’s a little bit of science. On the surface of the skin is a layer called the hydrolipidic film, and this protective layer is vital to the health of your skin. This layer protects skin from invading bacteria. Essential oils help restore the pH of this vital skin layer. Essential oils because of the low molecular weight absorb into the skin and penetrate to the second layer, nourishing it. While most chemical based skincare ingredients remain on the skin because of their high viscousity. Cutting through the science, you want n ingredient that deep-nourishes your skin.

Kill Those Bacteria: Most skin infection or issues are caused by one or more microbes. Elementary as Holmes would say. But it does not quite require a detective to figure out the anti-bacterial properties of essential oils. As an example applying tea tree oil can help fight acne. And who does not want to fight acne? Anti-microbial properties of essential oils go beyond skin infections and can work well on anything like common cold.

They Last Forever: Essential oils last a lifetime. Literally! Essential oils are stable and can be stored for as long as 10 years (with the exception of citrus oils which lasts up to two years). If you are stocking up on your essential supplies for your skin, this is not one item you will throw away in a hurry. Guess that’s why they have been quite the fad for ages!

Clean. Tone. Moisturize. All at once: How does your skin care routine look like? Every evening after work when you get home after battling serious pollution and more serious stress (thanks to the boss!) you typically get into the clean, tone, moisturize routine. We know how it is. When all you want to do is sleep you are lathering your face with face wash, then washing and applying toners an moisturizers to it. Add the normal drying effect of soap, makeup being left behind or the chemicals in your moisturizer you are probably not being very kind to your skin. Ditch the soap and water, switch to cleansing with oils. The routine is surprisingly easy where all you need is the oil and a damp cloth. Massage your oil of choice into the skin, let the oil sit for 30 seconds, and use a hot washcloth to gently wipe the oil away. The heat from the washcloth will help to open up your pores and breakdown makeup.


The VedaEarth cleansing oil is your perfect all-day cleanser.

Fight Oil With Oil: Yes you heard that right and this is not really us talking in circles. That’s because some oils have drying and anti-inflammatory properties. Tea tree and peppermint oils have an astringent property that is great for oilier skin. To quote Divya, our founder who has been researching extensively on essential oils and skin: Our understanding of how oily skin works is a little skewed due to which we believe in this myth. The way oily skin works is basically your skin’s meter of recognizing there is enough oil on the face is broken hence it overproduces to compensate,  thinking that the skin is dry. The way facial oils works is that firstly it is the closest natural thing to your own skin’s oil. By applying oils to your face you are taking care of the skin’s need of feeling dry. The essential oils get absorbed into the deeper layers and over a period of time your skin’s detection meter starts to recognise when there is already enough oil on the skin and produces only if required. You are basically retraining your skin to understand its needs. And the essential oils we use are naturally anti-bacterial and anti-microbial hence taking care of pimples.

Forever Young: Ok, we have not discovered the fountain of youth, at least not the one with water. But we have found out pretty useful oil substitutes. Ever thought how our grand aunts and grand moms continued looking so good for a long time while today our skin sags in our thirties. The answers are in some of nature’s best keep secret oils. Use Neroli for example to treat devitalized, mature, aging, and sensitive skin types. Or Clary Sage to fight aging and puffiness. Mark signs of aging like pigmentation with turmeric. You basically have an essential arsenal with you to keep old age away.


Turmeric is nature’s best-ever glow treatment

While you have all the reasons in the world to switch to essential oils, you should be careful about a few things. Essential oils should not be used or ingested  in their undiluted forms. We have used a premium ultra-blend technology to blend nature’s choices oils and herbs to give you compositions suited to the urban skin. Visit www.vedaearth.com to know more.

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