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5 Essential Oils by Pratha Naturals That Are A Must-Have

Long before mankind was exposed to pharmaceutical drugs, essential oils were used to cure many ailments. Extracted from numerous fruits, plants, seeds, and roots, these oils each have unique properties that nourish our body and comfort our mind. We’ve been hearing about these magic potions from our ancestors; simply touching, smelling, or consuming them can do wonders for our body.

But with hundreds of options available by various brands, it can be a little overwhelming to figure out which ones are going to be the best for you. So to make it simpler for you, we suggest you opt for essential oils that are 100 % pure and chemical free. Pratha Naturals (a trusted name in the market) from Pune have mastered the sacred art of extracting blissful nectars from nature. They have essential oils with unique fragrances that benefits in daily body care and home care. And here are six of their essential oils that are a must-have in your home.    


The fragrance itself has the power to calm your senses down, simply use it in your room using a diffuser and add a heavenly touch to your abode instantly. Also when applied to the body it has all the potential to usher you into a relaxing state. Moreover, it is greatly known for its ability to disinfect the scalp and skin. With all the effects considered, it makes the most versatile oil amongst all.


The scent of this oil is simply refreshing, after a long day at work the smell of lemongrass would restore your energy and revitalize you completely. This oil has the ability to cure anxiety, depression, stressfulness, and insomnia. For best results inhale with steam.


Citronella is a natural dewormer, and its essential oil can be consumed to keep your stomach free from worms ensuring a healthy appetite. Due to its detoxifying properties, it can also be used to heal orthopedic conditions.


This might sound dreamy but the scent of this oil is totally tantalizing.  It has been known that the Geranium essential oil helps get rid of negative memories and helpless stressful thoughts. The Egyptians profoundly used this oil to make their skin radiant and beautiful. Now we got another reason to admire the oil, don’t we?


Last but not the least at all, this is one of the oldest and most sought-after herbs in the history of herbs. A few drops of this peppermint essential oil is potent enough to make 28 cups of peppermint teas! It has a sharp smell of mint which is capable of energizing and invigorating your body without the side effects of stimulants and sugars.

Yes, essential oils can do wonders to your body. But you should also keep in mind that the efficiency of these oils highly depends on their quality. And if your oils are 100% natural like the ones made by Pratha Naturals you are sure to experience their magical powers. So, now that we have gone through all the oils produced by Pratha Naturals, can you tell us which one you would like to try! Difficult right? Such is the magic of these potions packaged in small bottles filled with the elixir.


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