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6 Best Ways to Feed Your Baby Boss

If you love nutritious food and watch your baby squeezing his nose looking at Broccoli, I truly understand how traumatic you feel.

Babies are very fussy about eating. You get them anything from Best Baby Food Products to the Organic ones; it will be just like fishing in troubled waters.

One of the profound challenges of parenting is stopping your kid from falling in love with french fries, ice-creams and chocolates.

But, do you know that most of the taste preferences are formed in the nascent stages of life? Yes. The individual taste buds are developed in the first couple of years itself.

Thus, it is advisable that you take advantage of this early window and inculcate healthy eating habits in your little munchkin.

Apart from the golden rule mentioned above, here are 6 Best Ways to Feed Your Baby.

Get the first bite right

Feed your child new food only when he is fresh, bright eyed and elated – right after that peaceful nap.

You could start with rice cereal mixed with milk, bananas, avocados, veggies or even soft meat.

Initially, the baby might take a few bites only, but gradually as the taste develops the intake will increase.

Spoil them with choices:

Babies usually have this one favourite food item that they drool over. Do not stick to just that. Get creative and throw options at your kid. Let him explore new tastes and avoid him from being picky.

For instance, if the toddler loves apples, blend them with blueberries the next time you feed him.

Try presenting colorful dishes like a rainbow veggie platter with corn, banana, pumpkin, broccoli, etc. This is the ideal way of introducing a wide variety of flavors and nutrients in the tiny platter.

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Do not give up:

Several pieces of research have revealed that it might take about 15 attempts for your kiddo to accept a new flavor.

Thus, do not give up after one or two attempts. If one food item was a disaster, modify it and throw it in again after a few days.

Add flavors, aroma and colors:

Who says that babies prefer bland food only? No research supports this.

Once your baby starts enjoying plain and simple food, try adding mild herbs like cilantro, nutmeg and cinnamon to it.

A twist on the flavors might delight them.

Keep your baby close to the kitchen:

Do not park your baby outside when you are cooking. Instead, let him savor the smell of gravy simmering, garlic roasting.

This will help a lot in building up familiarity with the food. Place your baby on the high chair and watch him enjoy sieving flour, playing and tossing vegetables.

Isn’t it a fun way of getting those healthy habits in place?

Develop the food connection:

Kids love to taste the food they identify.

Even if your baby is small, and savors a banana teach him to identify the fruit, point it out to him as and when you feed him.

Apart from this, plant a garden, look at pictures of fruits and veggies with your little one. Once he starts associating with the new fruits and veggies, believe me, he will start eating them too.

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