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5 Unique Gifts To Gift Your Dad This Father’s Day

Dads are indeed superheroes in disguise. From picking you from school and dropping you to your activities class, your dad’s life has always been about you and your family. Dads spend a major part of their existence as a life coach, an entertainer, a protector, a playmate, a BFF –  with whom you don’t just share a roof, but a lot more than that. They are awesome for so many reasons, so they really do deserve a day dedicated to them every year. With Father’s Day around the corner, it’s time to appreciate him with love, affection, and gratitude.

No matter how you choose to celebrate it, giving gifts will always remain part of the occasion. But what do you gift the most important man in your life? We are sure your brains are running overtime. So, to make things easier, we have come up with a hassle-free guide that will make Father’s Day shopping a breeze for you!



The perfect wallet for every dad exists and it’s a bit like the truth, it’s out there. Wallets are a Father’s Day staple for a reason; they are useful, they are sophisticated, and they get worn out a lot.

So, if your dad is always on the go and has to live life out of a suitcase because of work then he would need a wallet that’s tough, durable yet stylish. Cork Leather Wallet by Corkiza would be your best bet. This water-resistant piece is best suited for dads with a minimalistic approach to life, it’s slim and has multiple compartments which make it easier to organise money and cards. Buy this essential accessory today and let your dad flaunt it in style.




Father’s Day is hardly a few days away and because yours is the best, why not gift him something that symbolizes all the growth he’s seen you through. Before you scramble to pick up a generic last-minute gift, consider a succulent. It will not only give you and your dad a break from boring ties and the gift cards but will also remind him of you every time he’ll look at it.

This Boat With Hut Shaped Resin Planter by myBageecha will bring positivity and prosperity to your dad’s workplace. It’s modern yet simple and unbelievably easy to take care of. These plants thrive with little water, so with a bit of effort, your dad can definitely pull this one off. Another reason the plants top the list is they’re not picky about lighting which gives them the liberty to decorate any space including his office desk.


Water Bottle

Outdoor fanatic dads are those who spend their Sunday mornings hiking, running marathons, and are always up for weekend outdoor activities like cycling, or long drives. They leave no stone unturned to be out in nature.

But, these on-the-go dad needs to know how important it is to stay hydrated throughout the day. Let this message be heard with Copper Water Bottle from Aayu. It’s portable and offers multiple health benefits like it helps prevent water-borne diseases, aids in weight loss, and slows down ageing. This simple yet thoughtful gift will definitely contribute to his health, showcase your love and also, bring you a lot closer to him.


Grooming And Beard Styling Set

We hardly see dads paying attention to their skin or taking care of it. So, when it comes to buying gifts for men especially for dads, you cannot go wrong with a grooming kit. Such gifts are ideal for dads of all ages. With this, you can help them pamper themselves which they otherwise choose to ignore.

And, the Beard Styling Pack by Brahma Bull should be your best pick. The pack contains a lot more than your basic grooming essentials. This will introduce your dad to Cedarwood and Lime face cleansers, hair styling creams, and lastly, beard and mustache wax. An added plus with this kit is that all the products are formulated using natural ingredients without the use of harmful chemicals. A purposeful gift like this will be the best way to convey how much he means to you.



Your dad is someone who has made every moment of your life so much more meaningful, this year try creating a special moment for him. Capture and gift a loving memory of you two together with this customizable Black and White Portrait with Dotted Tone by Think Artly. This will not only last forever but also, keeping reminding him of the loving bond that you both share. And will surely make him emotional and happy!





No matter what you get your dad this year, just make sure it comes from the heart. Say thank you for the role he’s played in your life because goodness knows he deserves it.

But make sure to order soon, because these puppies need time to fly to wherever your dad may be!

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