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5 Nutritious Snacks Your Kids Will Love

“Eat three square meals a day and no snacking in between” that’s something we’re often told as adults as being the best way to eat. But when it comes to children, and particularly toddlers, this way of eating is unlikely to suit them or meet their needs.

Growing kids often get hungry between meals but well-timed snacks can easily even out these spikes in hunger. Not to forget, serving the right snacks at the right time is an opportunity to add some extra nutrition to your kid’s diet. Also, most parents don’t know this but snacking keeps your kids from becoming cranky, helps them stay focused at school and homework, and prevents them from overeating.

Now that we have established snacking is necessary and healthy, it doesn’t mean that giving your child a cupcake half an hour before dinner is suddenly a good idea. The best snacks are nutritious — low in sugar, fat, and salt.

And if you’re wondering where to find nutritious snacks, here’s a list of kid-friendly snacks by Timios that are both healthy and delicious.

Non-Fried Whole Grain Snack

Does your kid turn her nose up at the sight of an apple? Don’t worry all kids are the same! You may give them a refreshing bowl of freshly cut fruits and they’ll still make faces. And, it’s hard to reason kids once they start eating on their own.

But there’s hope, now include apple in their diet the unconventional way with Non-Fried Whole Grain Snack. Made using wheat, rice, oats, and real fruits extracts, these efficiently take care of their nutritious requirements and fill-up their stomachs when mid-meal hunger strikes.

With these in the house, you’re always sorted as they also come loaded with health benefits like improvement of eyesight, preventing diarrhea, and help in dealing with nausea.


Nutty Bar

Kids are just bundles of energy! They jump around, climb everywhere, and play all day – all of this requires a lot of energy. And considering how fussy they are with their food, it’s quite likely that they’re not getting the nutrients and calories that they need. And that’s exactly why energy bars for kids are the perfect solution!

The best ones to go for are Nutty Bars by Timios. Packed with cashews, almonds, honey, and grains, these are healthier than a proper meal. These super snacks are yum and healthy enough to keep energy levels high all day be it at school, in the field, or at home. There’s no denying these are a perfect substitute for candy bars that are loaded with sugar, preservatives, and added color.


Banana And Honey Stars

Many mums choose bananas as their baby’s first solid food. The soft, mushy texture is a sure bet for mums worried about their little one choking. But now that your kid isn’t a baby anymore, you cannot force feed them.

If your kid doesn’t enjoy banana as it is, then we have a better alternative; the yummy Banana And Honey Stars is the snack to go for. Packed with multiple grains, honey, and banana, these star-shaped bites will be your kids next favourite. Fortified with nutrients they take care of the fiber content, aid in digestion, help in increasing brain power and are great for bones. Now, go BANANAS for this snack and celebrate its benefits.



Zookers Animal Shaped Biscuits

Biscuits are a popular snack for children of all ages, so this might come as a surprise to you, that biscuits while being tasty are absolutely worthless from a nutrition standpoint. Regular biscuits generally have maida which takes longer time to digest for which the digestive system has to work overtime to process, in both kids and adults.

But how does one give up on these delicious, quick and easy treats? What else to pack along with lunch to school everyday? Zookers Animal Shaped Biscuits address that worry in the best possible way. Made using wholesome ingredients and real fruit extracts, these are healthy, tasty, and nutritious for kids of all ages. Also, their animal shape makes them a lot more enjoyable for kids, especially toddlers. They not only keep them full for long but also take care of their dietary requirements. Now ditch the rest and switch to the best.

Carrot and Cumin Sticks

Thanks to mindless consumption of fried chips and sugary drinks, child obesity rates are on a rise all around the world. In such situations, it becomes imperative that parents keep a tab on what their kids are consuming to avoid health issues in the future.

Spicy, fried snacks are always tempting but Carrot and Cumin Sticks are a better alternative for that. These are non-fried but taste no less than fried sticks, and are rich in carrot and cumin extracts; so let your child savour them anytime, anywhere. Indulging in them will let your kids curb their oddly-timed hunger pangs, boost their immune system, and supplement their body with the missing nutrients. Hurry, grab now!



The above-mentioned snacking options are ideal for kids because

– They contain all kinds of healthy ingredients like nuts, fruit, and wholesome grains.

– Each of them can provide nutrients that picky eaters are missing out on.

– They provide enough energy for kids to be physically active.

– They discourage kids from reaching out to unhealthy snacks.

– These quick and easy recipes are a great option when kids are too busy to eat a full meal.

– They make great travel snacks.

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