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5 Natural and Essential Face Packs

You may think your skin is healthy today, but did you know that your skin cells shed just about every minute of every day? This means the healthy skin you have today will be shedding tomorrow. As long as taking care of your skin is a priority, you can look forward to aging gracefully instead of awkwardly.

When you take care of your skin health, you avoid issues down the line that can be costly. Nobody’s skin is perfect; blemishes, acne, pigmentation and uneven skin tone are some common skin issues everyone has to deal with. The remedy is to become conscious of these problems and start early.

Face packs are for everyone but the right mix and ingredients only, do the magic. Choosing the right face pack for your skin is the basic root science of any face pack. Understanding how crucial it is to have the right ingredients in your face pack, Ancient living brings to you a range of 100% natural, handmade packs for a clean and clear skin.


Organic Tulasi and Neem Face Pack (Anti Microbial)(Reduces Wrinkles)

Having a clear skin can definitely help boost your confidence and makes you look your best. Acne and pimples are undeniably the most embarrassing skin problems. They always pop up at wrong time and are difficult to get rid of. So, if your skin is prone to acne, it’s best to take care of it beforehand.

This Tulasi and Neem face pack is a natural, purifying clay mask with scared tulasi, medicinal neem, and basil essential oil. Enriched with healing properties, antimicrobial skills, and fullers earth, it’s an ideal remedy that gives you silky, smooth skin. The end results also include removal of tan, dead skin cells, dirt and excess oil. A perfect face pack for a wrinkle-free and blemish free skin.


Organic Rejuvenating Face Pack (Improves Complexion)(Anti Aging)

Beautiful skin is a lifelong process, and developing a daily skin care routine today can help you maintain beautiful skin in the future. With you, your skin is also aging so pulling up your socks and putting in the efforts is the only thing one can do. A healthy diet including fruits and vegetables may not always be enough.

Try this Rejuvenative face pack; it contains all natural ingredients such as Yashtimadhu, Manjistha and Ashwagandha and a hint of lemon. These ingredients enhance the complexion, purify the skin, restore a natural glow and clarify the complexion. If used regularly it helps in keeping the skin glowing and youthful.


Organic Radiance Face Pack (Deep Cleansing Moisturizer)(Anti Tan)

In today’s day and age with you, your skin too goes through a lot. It battles stress, pollution, harsh sun rays, and dirt every day. Considering this to be the situation, it’s necessary to show some love to your skin as well. Pampering it from time to time is like watering a plant and reaping the fruits later.

This Radiance face pack is enriched with Saffron and 11 Ayurvedic herbs of high nutrient value & Anti-Tan properties. All of these organic herbs have been carefully picked and processed to ensure you get full value. The face pack has plentiful vitamins which enhance the complexion and other organic ingredients help you get rid of allergens, soothe, relax, and rejuvenate the skin. When used regularly this face mask helps you to maintain a radiant and clear complexion.


Organic Lemon and Papaya Face Pack

Excessive wear and tear can take a toll on your skin, health, mind, and body. And, feeding your skin with essential nutrients will help you keep it healthy and glowing.

This anti-aging, brightening Lemon and Papaya face pack is a boon to a suffering skin. This clay mask has nourishing, organic ingredients like papaya, lemon peel powder, and lemon oil. All these ingredients enhance your complexion, clarify your skin, and remove dead cell build up. Also, they absorb excess oil and remove dirt and impurities. Along with this the natural enzymes and vitamins in it retexturize the skin and help prevent premature aging. This pack enlivens your complexion and gives luminosity.



Organic Anti Acne and Pimple Care (Anti Blemish)(Complexion Friendly)

Having flawless skin with even complexion is everyone’s dream. But like most dreams, it’s achievable only with some quality hard work. Acne is one such problem which has spared no one and the best cure is to use organic, natural skin care products.

The potent ingredients in this face pack are rich in antioxidants and vitamin C which tighten pores, detoxify the skin, and treats the root cause of acne, which ultimately gives you a healthy blemish-free skin. Get rid of stubborn pimples, TODAY!

Keep your skin healthy and glowing with all natural, toxin-free face packs available to you only at




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