5 Must Have Snacks For When The Munchies Hit

Snacking is a ritual for some and necessity for others; a stress-buster for some and pre workout nutrition for others – whatever the purpose of snacking, the fact remains that it’s an inevitable part of our everyday nutrition. Most of us have found ourselves foraging for leftovers, picking at last night’s roti or heading to the nearest store to get a bag of chips or biscuits to munch on.

If we could optimise our snacking experience, we’d not just be saving a lot of calories but would also be saving ourselves the displeasure of having to settle with less-than-amazing snacks. To help you do just that, we’ve put together some must-haves in your kitchen cabinets.

1. Dried Fruit


We’re not talking about the regular nuts, we’re talking kiwis, prunes, pineapple, mangoes, strawberries, cranberries- fruits that are nutritious and taste even better when dried. Add these to some greek yoghurt and granola, top them on a rice cracker with some cashew cream, or snack on them straight from the box when you’re craving sticky candy.

2. Spiced-Up Dry Fruit


We can’t deny the nutritional advantages of having nuts, so we decided to spice it up a little. Try nuts spiced with fun flavours like jalapeno, paprika, cheese and onion, green chili, wasabi, lime and more! Have them with a beer, your evening tea, or pop some when nobody’s looking. Let’s not forget they’re nutritious, so indulging a little in them won’t hurt those 12 minutes on the treadmill.

3. Mix-It-Up

Can’t decide what to eat usually? End up asking for ‘mixture’ a lot? Try some healthy mixes with oats, flax seeds, lentil, jowar, soy, quinoa and others that you can have with your meal, after, before- whenever you please. We suggest using them as toppings on your sandwiches, roti-rolls and in dosa masala. You’ll be sneaking in nutrition and won’t even know it!

4. Healthy-Cookies


Yes, they exist! For those night time milk and cookie cravings or the times when you’re feeling low and need something to pick you up- try looking for options that have nuts and fruits, are wholewheat or an equivalent of it and have a natural sugar source like jaggery or honey. Fat-free, low fat and zero trans-fat options really help as well. The occasional choco-chip doesn’t hurt either.

5. Bar-Of-Goodness


For the times that your snack needs to be transported or the times when you feel like you’d want something that borders a meal and a snack- try bars. Granola, health a nut bars are perfect to snack on when you’re on the run or just need to replace that bar of chocolate. They’re also great pre-workout options when you’re pressed for time.

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