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5 Healthy and Sugar-Free Summer Drinks

The sun has unleashed its fury in the most heated-up manner making stepping out a mighty challenge. Wouldn’t it be great if we could stay indoors all day and not face the Sun at all? Well, while that may not be possible, there is still a super delicious way of staying cool even in summers and that is to include as many fruits and vegetable drinks as possible.

Nature has blessed us with an array of fruits that can help us to stay cool naturally. Fruits hydrate your body, boost it with nutrients and give an amazing glow to your skin – something that is missed dearly in summers. So why gulp down fizzy drinks to quench your thirst? Replace your adulterated and aerated options with fruit juices and turn down the heat, the right way!

Here are 5 amazing sugar-free Summer Coolers which you must drink to beat the heat:

Lime Chilli Squash

As the mercury is rising in an unprecedented fashion, it is necessary you keep yourself hydrated not just with water but with additional fruit and vegetable drinks as well. Lemon during summer months is a boon that takes care of your nutritional requirements and also brings down unnecessary heat buildup. It protects your body against several summer ailments and acts as an energy booster and coolant.

The Lime Chilli Squash here is no less than Nimbu Pani and will definitely have you craving for more. A perfect blend of lime with an after taste of chilly, it lets you keep a check on cholesterol levels and indigestion, it also keeps the heart healthy and helps shoot up your energy levels. An everyday drink for people of all ages.


Pomegranate & Hibiscus Juice

Do you know about this refreshing new ruby red summer blend perfect over ice? It’s an interesting mix of the fruit Pomegranate and  Hibiscus Flower. Pomegranate, as we all know, is loaded with a myriad of nutrients and body cooling minerals and Hibiscus is known as ‘sorrel’ or ‘rosemallow’, because of multiple medicinal benefits. It acts as a stomach conditioner and reduces body heat.

So, Pomegranate And Hibiscus Juice might just be a gateway to eternal life. With pomegranate being a symbol of longevity along with unusually high levels of antioxidants and hibiscus being an aid in controlling cholesterol and fat buildup in arteries, these two fit together like a glove. This cooler is a favourite for its balanced, bright and refreshing taste and numerous health benefits. It’s easily the perfect drink post workout and a must-have in your gym bag.

Mighty Mango Smoodies

Summers are incomplete without the mention of mangoes. This king of fruits is a must in every household in India. Starting with the well-loved and widely available mango-juice, to pickles and chutneys that can be made at home, the fruit’s uses are many as are its benefits.

If you consider Mango to be the favourite fruit of all generations, then you cannot skip having this Mighty Mango Smoodies. A sensational combination of Mango Juice flavoured with the tanginess of Pineapple. It takes you back to all those summers spent waiting for juicy mangoes to come in season. This drink harnesses the health benefits of both mango and pineapple, like it slows down ageing, promotes healthy skin, improves digestive health and eyesight. This time stock up your fridge not with mango fruits but with these. We assure you, you’ll love it.

Lemon Iced Green Tea

On a hot day, sometimes all you want is a delicious glass of iced tea. While you may normally prefer your tea hot, there’s no reason you can’t indulge in a healthy iced tea. It’s refreshing and makes you feel like your sitting by the beach feeling the island breeze.

Considering how refreshing and relaxing iced teas are, it’s hard to deny the allure of this Lemon Iced Green tea. The cross between a tall glass of fresh brewed iced green tea and lemon might be your new favorite mocktail this summer. It also helps prevent cold and flus and promotes longevity. This refreshing iced tea is a sugar-free beverage, making it an ideal option for low-calorie quenching.


100% Orange Juice

Oranges are a summer treat for more than one reason. They are rich in water and therefore, keep you hydrated amidst the sweaty season. Oranges are also considered a summer fruit due to its rich potassium content.

Give Orange Juice a try. This packs a Vit C punch along with being a go-to drink for breakfast or long lazy brunch. It not only enriches your body with Vit C, and potassium but also with Iron and Copper. Also, if you suffer from digestive issues, skin pigmentation, pimple issues, constipation and spots, all of it can be cured by consuming this juice. It takes care of suntan as well. Last but not least, it aids in treating muscle cramps and Sodium imbalance – refreshing enough to take all your summer stress away.


Take a chill pill this summer season with these 5 super healthy and super refreshing, preservative-free and sugar-free drinks. They keep you cool and hydrated all day. Hurry! Shop Now.


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