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5 Hair Care Products You Didn’t Know You Should Have

We all have different hair woes- too thick, too thin, too rough, too oily, too unruly- you name it, we’ve got it. With our visits to the dermatologist getting more frequent than those to the grocery store for our staples, we decided to take a peek at the ingredients lists of most commercially available hair care products. Turns out we couldn’t figure out more than half of the ingredients behind the packs, which got us to try and identify the most harmful chemicals for your hair and what the best way to care for it is.

The most harmful products are the ones that contain sodium lauryl (and laureth) sulphate, coal tar ingredients and propylene glycol. However these make up for very few of the many strange names you’ll see at the back of products and if you’ve been on the trial and error method to see what works for your hair, might we suggest going all-natural? Here’s all the (natural) products we think you should have in your bathroom for your hair.

1. Organic Shampoo

Your hair might have adjusted to your current shampoo, but try a shampoo bar or a hair wash powder, or (if you like your shampoo in its more popular form) a foaming liquid that’s suited for your hair, and you will notice a change for the better immediately. For those of us who have had experiences of washing our hair with a paste of shikakai fruits at some, this one will be a nostalgia trip. For those of us who have only remembered seeing shampoo bottles for as long as they can remember, this one’s a refreshing change. Of the three, bars and powders are easy to carry while all three types have clear ingredients that don’t harm your hair.

2. Hair Oil

Some traditions never (and shouldn’t have to) die, and we love our ‘champi’ sessions at home. We also understand that oils help speed up the growth of hair and moisturise it to help prevent dry hair and breakage. But just because you have oily hair doesn’t mean there isn’t an oil out there for you. Different blends of herbs work differently, it’s just about figuring out which one’s for you.

3. Conditioner

To help moisturise your hair and keep it from looking like a bird’s nest after you’ve scrubbed it clean, protect it from pollution as well as the harsh conditions you’re eventually going to subject it to (read, straighteners and curlers and blow dryers) your dermatologist and hair stylist is right when they ask you to always condition your hair after you shampoo it. And just like oil and shampoo, there’s one kind for each hair type, especially if we’re talking about herbal products.

4. Hair Mask

This one’s for those who’ve had a long week of no conditioning, a lot of hair styling (and heat exposure) or just extremely dry hair. A weekly affair- think of it as spa time for your hair. Leave it on for a couple of hours as you laze around the house and wash it off. Your hair will look, feel and more importantly be better if you’re constantly replenishing its natural oils and moisture. Masks come in powder form and thick gluggy consistency depending on the type and its ingredients.

5. Hair Colour

This one’s a personal choice, but an exciting one for when you want a change. Remember the times when we’d watch the adults try henna to get this shade of dark orange/burgundy hair? Some of you have, some of you haven’t, but either way- we think that nothing beats all-natural hair colours. Why have brittle ends, dry hair and (heaven forbid) hair fall due to breakage to colour your hair, when you can do it with natural colours? Best of both worlds? We think so too.

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