5 Dried Fruits That Make You Fall In Love With Them

Sun-dried, oven-roasted or dehydrated- dry fruits have taken the health food market by storm. Some fear them because of the calories they come with, some snack on them whenever they get the chance to while others are caught up in the internet debate storm about them as they munch on fresh fruits instead.

Dried fruits come with one huge advantage that fresh fruits don’t- they aren’t dictated by season. Besides this, they’re packed with fiber, vitamins, minerals and more often than not the magic word, protein. The catch with dried fruits is portion-sizing, but hey isn’t that the catch with most things in the realm of food? If you’ve been trying to figure out which dried fruits are the best for you, or which you can use to replace sticky candies and unhealthy chips, we’ve found out some great options from fitness freaks.

1. Dried Kiwi

This pretty bright green fruit is more than just a great addition to cocktails.

Good Replacement ForThose intense candy cravings that make you want to reach for a sticky toffee or fruit roll-ups.
What It OffersApart from fiber and carbs, dried kiwi is great to boost your daily intake of calcium and iron. They’re also known for their antioxidant properties.

2. Prunes


More popularly known as dried plums, this purple power-packed dried delicacy is a must have in your diet.

Good Replacement ForThe laxative you take on the days that you feel extremely constipated.
What It OffersWe’d need to dedicate an entire post to prunes to list out its benefits entirely, but in short they offer 12% of your daily fiber intake and vitamin K and they also reduce blood pressure, the risk of osteoporosis and are diabetic friendly.

3. Dates

How could we exclude the pride of the Middle East from this list? These are so versatile, you can add them to meals, spice them up and have them as is, or even boiled to make vegan caramel.

Good Replacement ForThe sugar in your smoothies, granola bars or desserts.
What It OffersNutrition to those with anaemia, sweetness to those on a diet, and vitamins (specifically vitamin A and K) minerals and protein to everyone.

4. Cranberries

Dried_Cranberries_1024x1024 (1)
More than just an addition to your cocktail, this one’s a girl’s best friend on the days she’s down with stomach cramps.

Good Replacement ForSugar in your granola and oatmeal
What Does It OfferYour dose of fiber, vitamin C and antioxidants. They’re low in calories, fat, and high in dietary fiber. If you’re on a diet, this one’s your best friend.

5. Nuts (Almonds, Peanuts, Walnuts)

No, they don’t have to be your boring old nuts, you can spice them up, sweeten them, roast, boil or add them to granola- nuts are an absolute must in anybody’s diet.

Good Replacement ForYour bag of chips and your pre-gym meal.
What Do They OfferProtein. More Protein. And Lots of Protein. Healthy fats and a lot of energy come with it.

Munch on these instead of your regular unhealthy options and you’ll see your body changing for the better.

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