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5 Beard Essentials You Need For the Harsh Winter Months

Who doesn’t like a beard? Men love it; women adore it! And if you don’t know it yet, growing a beard can have major health benefits too. A win-win situation, isn’t it? Over the last decade, beards have made a big comeback and more and more men are sporting them. Though some of you may be new at it,  growing and maintaining a beard will always be a challenge for men.

Now with dipping the temperature, growing a beard is a common temptation. It provides with an additional layer of protection against the chilly winds and keeps the neck and face warm. Also, getting a break from regular shaving sessions is an added plus for all the lazy bums.

Despite all the perks, one cannot deny there’s a lot of hassle that goes into growing and maintaining a healthy beard. And, given the temperature that accompanies the winter months, there are multitudes of problems one has to deal with, including dry skin, frizzy and unmanageable hair, and also patchy growth. Hence, beard care is necessary.

This growing trend has caught the eye of the cosmetic industry as well. The result – marketplaces are flooded with many chemical-based products that help tackle the problems. But if there were better, healthier, chemical-free options available for you to choose from, would you not prefer those? Assuming the answer to be YES! We bring to you products made exclusively for all your beard issues.

The Master Builder – 100% Natural Beard Growth Oil

By putting all the cards on the table when it comes to beard care, we realised, the most basic product that one would most definitely need is a beard growth oil. Choosing the right growth oil can seem overwhelming.

This 100% Natural Beard Oil by St. Beard is your best bet! It contains the right ingredients like Redensyl, Onion Extract, and Organic Walnut Oil among others, which will not only help fasten your beard growth but also makes it denser. It is based on a natural formula that awakens hair stem cells and generates a new growth phase and makes the hair softer. Also, it is handmade and contains no harmful chemicals; which means it can be used without giving a second thought.

Paraben-Free Mooch And Beard Oil For Dry Skin

Most of you might be wondering what the heck is a Beard Oil, and how does it work? Also, is it really necessary? Beard oils are a necessity because they moisturize the hair and skin beneath. During the cold waves, beard hair and the skin tends to get dry and lose their natural moisture. That’s when a beard oil comes to your rescue! Beard oils are hydrating in nature and help soften and tame beard hair, which means it does double-duty as a styling agent.

The Mooch and Beard oil by Brahma Bull is designed especially for men with dry skin to provide a special touch of personalization to meet the needs of your skin type. Made using all natural ingredients, it has a complex yet comforting aroma. And, the guarantee that its paraben-free is enough for it being safe. Along with this, it has several other benefits which include bringing shine to your beard hair, reducing itchiness, and providing the required nourishment. The best time to apply this beard oil is right after you take shower.



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All Natural Moustache And Beard Wax

Do you want the look of a sculpted ‘stache? Are you sick of your moustache falling into your mouth when you eat? Has it become a nuisance? Now, what to do about it? Trim it? Shave it? No! There’s another solution to this problem – use a beard and a moustache wax. It is nothing but a styling product to tame the unmanageable hair. Rumours have it that, most of the styling products contain harmful chemicals and one cannot argue on that.

But, we’ve got something that can pass the bar of being free of harmful chemicals. All Beard and Moustache wax by Brahma Bull is handmade, natural, and paraben-free. It’s premium quality wax which provides with enough hold to your beard for a very natural shape with some pliability. Made using the best natural and organic ingredients, it deals excellently with men’s tougher, more porous skin, and rough and thick hair.

Beard Balm

We all are familiar with the term lip balm, but what is a beard balm?  Just like lip balms, beard balms also work on the same principle which is to soften, nourish, and give a hold. Beard balms are not styling products, though they can be used as one. During winters, it’s not just the lips and skin that suffer but the hair too which includes the beard hair as well.

All such beard woes can be dealt with this all natural Beard Balm by Alpha Male. Loaded with beeswax and shea butter, it makes your beard frizz-free, and gives a non-oily, smooth finish with a definite shine. The cherry on the cake is its enticing manly fragrance, which makes it a hit among all beard growers. A must try for a sexy bearded look.

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Paraben-Free Beard Wash & Softener

Any man who has ever touched his beard knows that facial and scalp hair are two very different things. The texture of beard hair is very different to the hair on the scalp thus giving them both the same treatment is a complete NO NO! It is something to be kept in mind when using the most basic grooming products such as shampoos. Conventional shampoos do not work, they make the beard hair brittle and dry. Also, they strip away all the natural oil and moisture.

With the beard growing trend gaining momentum, it’s time to use products that specifically take care of the beard. One such product is Beard Wash and Softener by Brahma Bulls. It’s a mild wash, that is soft and gentle on facial skin and is tough enough to handle curly coarse beard hair. A natural wash without any harmful chemicals and parabens is what makes it unique and safe to use. An added plus is the delicate lavender smell. Make beard growing and styling, fun and enjoyable with this.

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