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4 Ways To Eat Chocolate – A Guide To Being A Chocoholic | Cocosutra

We like chocolate when we’re happy about something, stressed, upset, or just craving something sweet. We’ve hurriedly wrapped chocolate in gift paper as an apologetic gesture for a friend, run down to look for our favourite kinds after a bad day at work or picked some up for our friend who’s had a run in with her ‘monthly visitor’. Chocolate needs no occasion. In fact, if it were up to us, we’d have chocolate with every meal. And it doesn’t have to just be a bar of chocolate. The chocoholics that we are, we’ve found ways to incorporate more chocolate into our lives- after all, it’s a vegetable.

1. Add It To Your Beverage


What’s better than chocolate you can eat? Chocolate that you can sip on. Add it to your morning cup of coffee, into your evening cocktail, breakfast smoothies or milkshakes or sip on hot chocolate on a rainy day. All you have to do is stock your shelves with cocoa and you’ll never have a boring beverage again.

2. Bake It Into Cookies


Chocolate and cookies are a match made in heaven. If the memories of warm milk with some delicious cookies at midnight don’t make you smile, we don’t know what will. We also recommend crushing them and adding them to your bowl of cereal and on top of your parfaits or using them as a base for your cheesecakes. If you’re not a pro-baker, find pre-made options that you can pop into an oven and then pop into your mouth. Instant gratification!

3. Put It In Your Breakfast Bowl


We know granolas are meant to be healthy, but who says chocolate isn’t? If you’ve had a rough week and need some delicious chocolaty kick to your day then the regular chocolate cereals just won’t cut it. Chocolate puts a smile on our faces anyway, so why not start our days with some nutrition and some delicious hit of chocolate in our granola? All you have to do is find your favourite chocolate granola mix (make sure you’re always stocked) and add it on top of your breakfast smoothies, bowl of milk or have it straight from the pack. We’re not judging.

4. Mix Several Kinds Together

If pictures of sinful-chocolaty delights have made you drool at the screen and crave for a cocoa fix at the same time- we recommend a crazy chocolate session every now and then. Bake a chocolate cheesecake using your favourite hot chocolate and cookies and sprinkle granola on top. Bake a mug cake, make a thick-shake or lather some chocolate spread on a toast and top it off with cookies and granola. When it comes to your imagination with chocolate- the sky’s the limit.

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