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4 Natural Oils That Boost Hair Growth

Hair loss is a common problem, and wanting to get naturally thick and beautiful hair a common worry among many. So, are you suffering from hair loss and other hair damage issues? If you’ve answered a yes to that then this article is for you.

Our grandmothers have been insisting since time immemorial that oiling hair regularly is the key to thick, luscious hair. And while many theories claim that the process is unnecessary (since our glands secrete oil the scalp anyway), further research tells us that our age-old traditionalists know a thing or two about treatments with natural ingredients.

Oiling your hair regularly can repair damaged hair, prevent premature graying, keep split ends at bay, and best of all, help hair growth. But keep in mind, there are specific oils that treat problems individually and if hair loss is your main worry, then here are 4 Natural oils that will help boost hair growth.

Bhringraj Oil

Made with the combination of False Daisy or Eclipta alba teamed with sesame oil, the Bhringraj oil is known to have a number of benefits. When used regularly it helps reduce hair fall and can also prevent premature graying. Within weeks of using the oil, you will notice a drastic change in hair shedding and see faster hair growth. The oil is readily available in medical stores across the country, but if you are looking for something natural and chemical free, buy Bhringraj Oil online here

Recommended for all hair types, this oil is known to deeply penetrate the scalp and increase blood circulation thereby strengthening hair and improving texture. So buy Bhringraj Oil online ( and look for all natural options ) and feel good having done something great for your hair.

Coconut Oil

We’ve heard our grandmothers insisting on the goodness of coconut oil and rightly so. Coconut oil is a natural conditioner loaded with antioxidants and vitamin E. The oil penetrates your hair follicles and gives your scalp a hair boost. It also moisturizes your hair making it softer and shinier. When mixed with herbs like curry leaves and bhringa among others, coconut oil transforms into a miracle oil that treats most hair issues.

Argan Oil

Often known as ‘liquid gold’ in the beauty world, Argan Oil has been taking the beauty world by a storm and how! It is rich in vitamin F and E and other antioxidant properties making it an excellent solution to dry and damaged hair with split ends. The oil hydrates your hair in a way that it penetrates each hair and nourishes it deeply making your hair lustrous again. So if you have damaged your hair heating it often – Argan Oil is for you.

When mixed with ingredients like almond oil and jojoba oil, Argan oil can be a powerhouse for hair nourishment. Its healing properties teamed with the essentials vitamins in almond oil together make your hair thick, shiny, and healthy.
Buy All Natural Argan and Almond Hair Oil and use it. You will see a change in your hair within weeks.

Castor Oil

A rich source of vitamin E, minerals, and protein, Castor oil is known to work wonders on your hair when used regularly. It minerals make our hair softer and the oil helps blood circulation, which in turn boosts hair growth. It also has anti-microbial properties that treat the scalp of dandruff and other issues. The oil is thick and viscous and is a little hard to wash off, but once you’ve made your peace with that, be ready to get shiny, thick hair.


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