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Secret SensesA natural beauty care brand that utilizes the power of age old herbs and modern botanicals to curate efficacious beauty products suited for the environment of this day & age.


Meet Priyanka Tandon the lady behind the Beauty care Brand  – SECRET SENSES – The Brand that is redefining the Glamour world relying on Natural and Clean raw Materials!


It is rightly said that – Invest in your hair, it is the crown you never take off.

Many of us put in a lot of money, time and energy to maintain our strands with the products that promise to be chemical free.

But, are you sure that the hair care products you use are 100% safe? Are they actually paraben free?

To rescue you from this dilemma and address your “mane” concerns, Secret Senses was found.

The founders of this great hair care brand understood that beautiful hair adds personality to your appearance.

The husband and wife duo formulated products that would give you stunning and stylish hair without expensive salon treatments.

Read the making of Secret Senses, from the patrons themselves.

1. A brief introduction about how Secret Senses was founded, what inspired you to do something like this (in short, the story behind it).
I and my husband, thought about this concept while we were on our 3-month backpacking honeymoon in Europe.

We were amidst nature, and those beautiful cities were an inspiration for us to do something in the natural beauty care segment.

I remember sitting in this quaint cafe in Prague, and it stuck how we are rooted in India with our values there, but how we are explorers and open to newness.

So, that somehow formed the backbone of our brand’s concept too.

2. Why the name Secret Senses?
A beauty care brand that we wished to create would not only help one look pretty or give Rapunzel type hair but, would also uplift one’s well being and beautify internally.

My whole focus was on holistic beauty, and hence “senses” was something that could be used to describe our pedagogy.

And Secret Senses, well there’s a funny story behind this one, my husband’s cousin suggested this name, by that time we were tired of searching brand names, and we said great let’s stick to this alliteration and get going.

Later, though some friends thought it was a lingerie brand we had already started.

3. What is the specialty of your products?
Natural and Clean!

We are sulfate free, paraben free, phthalate free, cruelty-free, and free from all the junk that’s put in this world of beauty care. The website has a list of harmful chemicals that we don’t put in our products.

I would never use a substandard product, and I’m so happy to say that our brand – Secret Senses resonates the same.

4. What’s your product range?
Currently, our product range includes everything from detox hair masque to a quick fix with our potent elixir to a hair oil that is full of all goodness and a sulfate free shampoo followed by a deep nourishing conditioner. Our entire hair care range is natural and chemical free.

We will though, very soon, also introduce some other exciting stuff 🙂

5. What are your best sellers?
Our star products are:
Bhringraj total repair hair masque (you will feel that your hair has transformed)
Deep Nourishing Hair Oil (Non- greasy and absorbs quickly. Thus, avoid over-applying)
The Hair Vitalising Elixir (Water based, so that you can feed your hair with nourishment every night)

With our range of products hair, care would be a ritual because the ingredients used in making them are like a “jadi buti” concoction.

6. If not Secret Senses what would you be doing?
Brand & Content Consulting. I currently do the same, whenever I get the time and an exciting project.

Now you needn’t spend an awful lot resources on inferior hair care products because, Secret Senses will crown your curls with style.

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