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21 Amazing Benefits of Aloe Vera You Should Know

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Aloe Vera is a cactus-like plant found mainly in the kitchen garden. Lately, this succulent plant with thick fleshy stems and spiny leaves has gained popularity because of its excellent health and beauty benefits. It is because of these qualities Aloe Vera was known as the “plant of immortality” by the Egyptians. In Hindi, Aloe Vera is called ‘Ghritkumari Saar’. Aren’t you inquisitive to know more about this super power plant?

Aloe Vera juice is the key ingredient in various cosmetic products. The juice is also savoured as a health drink. But do you what makes Aloe Vera a treasure trove of amazing attributes? Both its gel and juice are full of antioxidants. Antibiotic in nature, it works as the stimulator of cell growth. Aloe vera juice is a rich source of essential vitamins and nutrients like Calcium, Sodium, Iron, Potassium, Manganese, Zinc, Folic acid, Vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, C, E and Amino acids. It is also known to reduce chronic pain and minor infections naturally.

Let us now explore 21 Amazing Benefits of Aloe Vera You Should Know:

  1. Aloe Vera helps in preventing wrinkles and fine lines as you age. With time the skin tends to lose its elasticity and get drier. Regular application of Aloe Vera juice helps in fighting the signs of ageing and improves the elasticity of skin, making it smooth, supple and child-like.
  2. Since ages, Aloe Vera gel has been touted for its amazing moisturising properties. It has shown useful results on both oily and acne-prone skin. Aloe Vera gel application hydrates the skin and increases its water content, without making it greasy. You can extract Aloe gel directly from the plant and apply it to your skin. Alternatively, there are various ready-to-use aloe gels in the market. But if you are opting for ready-made ones, make sure that it constitutes a significant 90 to 100 percent of the entire product.
  3. Wouldn’t you be amazed to know that aloe gel can reduce acne and clear the blemishes and scars on your skin? Gibberellins and Auxins in Aloe Vera make it an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory agent. This helps reduce the acne. The polysaccharides in it stimulate the growth of new cells. Thus the gel speeds up the healing process and wards off acne and scars.
  4. Bid sun tan adieu with Aloe Vera. Its anti-inflammatory properties reduce the irritation caused by the harmful UV rays and acts as a shield on the epithelial skin layer. Its antioxidant and nutritional properties prevent the moisture from escaping the skin, which in turn heals the sunburn very quickly.
  5. Anti-inflammatory in nature the Aloe Vera gel provides aid for wounds and insect bites. It can be used as a topical treatment for small cuts, bruises, and insect bites; and also as an aftershave lotion to calm the irritated skin.


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    1. With the passing age, skin expands and contracts just like elastic leaving stretch marks. Especially during the pregnancy, elasticity of the skin gets damaged, which results in ugly stretch marks. These marks can be healed with the regular use of Aloe Vera soap or gel.
    2. Inflammation is caused due to the damage resulting from free radicals in the body. Aloe vera juice is rich in antioxidants, and these antioxidants bind with the free radicals and help manage the inflammation efficiently.
    3. Aloe Vera juice has been known to treat GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease). GERD causes heartburn, chest pain, and issues while swallowing. Aloe Vera’s anti-inflammatory properties soothe the stomach lining and the oesophagus. It also helps in getting rid of pathogens that are the prime reason behind gastrointestinal problems.
    4. Primary research has shown that Aloe Vera can provide aid in reducing cholesterol. It is known to help in maintaining blood sugar. Clinical trials have shown that Aloe Vera juice can control and bring down the concentration of cholesterol in your vital organs and also monitor the blood glucose levels.

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