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20 Strange Uses for Soap You Never Knew

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  1. Fresh, Not Funky, Shoes – Smelly shoes can choke to death! So, eradicate odours from smelly sneakers, boots, or shoes by placing a wrapped bar of soap into the shoe. Leave it overnight. In the morning treat your toes to an aromatic landing.


  1. Clean a piano: Love the pleasing sound of a piano? Now you could keep it spic and span using soap. Dip a soft cloth in the warm water and soap mixture, rub the keys gently. Use another cloth to remove the dirt and tap it dry. Once all the keys are clean, use a soft cloth to polish them all at once. Spellbind your friends and family with your symphonic music and eye for cleanliness.


  1. Clean tiles, fireplaces and bathrooms: Do not toss away the leftover soap bar flakes into the bin. Put them in hot water and let them liquefy. Use the concoction for cleaning old or disfigured hearths or bathroom tiles.


  1. A novel method for tracing embroidery designs: You will love us for this tip! Use a white soap bar to transfer embroidery design on a dark material. Whittle the soap and create a subtle edge to replicate the design. The best part about this tactic is that the soap design can be rectified quickly and washed away without leaving any trace. What else could you ask for?


  1. Let your jewellery sparkle: Stir the soap flakes in lukewarm water and let your jewellery set in for a while. Gradually your ornaments will leave all the dirt and start to shine like never before. Use this method to clean jewellery of any kind, type or size. You will be amazed to know that this method is super safe when it comes to cleaning delicate pearl jewellery too.


  1. Go stain free: It is heart-wrenching to see your apparel lying in wardrobe just because of the stubborn coffee/tea stain. Take it out and rinse it in the warm water and soap bar mixture, it will lighten the stain and eventually make it vanish. My love, you can again start flaunting your favourite dress all over again!


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You look surprised! The next time you pick up a soap bar, use it to soak your troubles away.

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