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20 Strange Uses for Soap You Never Knew

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Soap has been man’s best cleaning buddy since ages. But today we will surprise you by unveiling 20 strange uses of soap you never knew. Note that by the end of the article you might get extremely possessive about those soap bars lying just neglected.


  1. Soap Gardening Glove – Need to do pruning or digging in your garden? Cannot find the gardening gloves? Well. Don’t worry! Now keep the soil far away from your fingernails by scrubbing the dry bar of soap on and under the tips before putting your hand in soil. Once the task is accomplished, use a nail brush or a toothbrush to wash your hands. The soap keeps the dirt out and foams up when you scrub.


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  1. Wood Lubricant – All set to nail the old wooden furniture? Afraid you might end up splitting the wood into two? Rub that nail or screw with a bar of soap, and then go ahead to hammer it in. The soap on the screw will keep the wood from cracking apart. Isn’t it a good idea for DIY projects too?


  1. Unzip the Zipper – The zipper got stuck? Use that soap bar to grease the offending zipper teeth and help it glide smoothly. You can take resort of the same soap bar to open up the jammed windows quickly.


  1. Irksome shoe bite? If you have just bought a new pair of shoes or loafers and wish to wear them without socks, remember that the stiff leather might leave you with severe blisters. Rub a softened bar of soap gently inside of the back of the shoes. After applying the soap a couple of times, the leather will soften up very nicely.


  1. Air, Clothes and Bag Freshener – Believe us, you need not spend a fortune on buying different variants of air fresheners to keep your stored linens, towels, and clothing smelling fresh. Just leave the soap bar unwrapped from one end, and place it in the bag. Similarly, use this trick for suitcases, closets, drawers, and other areas where you wish to get rid of musty odours. The best part of the trick is that you can reuse the same soap bar for several other reasons before the scent fades away.


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  1. Find that leaking point – Plumbing is a pain especially if you need to find a leak. Instead of replacing the whole pipe, patch up that bothersome leaky spot by using a bar of soap. You need to rub the bar along the pipe and cover it fully, then turn on the water. You’ll notice tiny bubbles and lather starting to form wherever water is getting out. Patch that spot and kudos; you’re ready to go!


  1. Tailor’s best buddy – Did you ever guess that a single bar of soap would make a great multifunctional sewing aid? You could use soap instead of chalk to strike hemline or a seam; use it as a useful pincushion, or only stick the needle into the soap brick before sewing to help it slide through multiple layers of fabric with complete ease.

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