20 Must-Know Tips to Make the Best Chocolate Truffles at Home

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20 Must-Know Tips to Make the Best Chocolate Truffles at Home

The mouth-watering chocolate truffles will adorn every home around this festive month. Baking at home is a trend now, and many people have resorted to experimenting to get the perfect taste. Decorated cakes are a clear preference at home. There are many professionals, who also offer handcrafted cakes. Besides, home-baking for friends and families in nicely decorated gift box is also a priority.

The festive season is also a season of chocolate confectionaries. It is now the season of chocolate, and homemade truffles are the new flavor. Depending upon your taste, it can be a bitter chocolate preparation or semi-sweet. It is important to have the icing on the cake, and it has to be of the right texture. It is all about a fresh and organic way of indulging in your favorite dessert. So, are you ready to make a chocolate truffle at home this season yet? Well, take a check below.

  1. Say yes to dark chocolate

First thing first; the truffle has to be for the love of chocolate, for indulgence in everything chocolate. It is the rich taste of chocolate which will help you deliver the best. And yes, it has to be fine chocolate too. The strong aroma of dark chocolate (a minimum of 71% cocoa) should appeal to truffle bakers. You should be able to choose good quality chocolates. However, if you don’t necessary enjoy the bitter taste then go for semisweet or sweet chocolates. Yet, bitter chocolate is the flavor.

  1. Say no to chocolate chips

If you want your ganache to be smooth chocolaty, then say no to chocolate chips. It will only add granules to the chocolate mixture. The round chocolate truffles will not get a smooth shape either. When you heat chocolate chips, its own natural properties (of granule) will retain itself; thereby, disturbing the tranquilization of your ganache. The result is not a definite round shape.

  1. Use only cream

The fine chocolate has to be dipped in fine cream only. It is the perfect ingredient to whip the chocolate and get the right texture for your ganache. There are people who might substitute it with condensed milk, which is a no-no. It will only sweeten the truffle a bit too much. The consistency of your ganache is totally dependent on the quality of the cream. It gives the smooth and silky texture to your truffle base. Add butter, and egg yolks if you wish too.

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