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20 Different Uses for Travel Pouches You Never Knew

If you love traveling, do it with style. And, if you already are doing it in style, travel accessories must be one of your favorite items to shop. One of the essential travel accessories is a travel pouch. Flashback to 15 years ago when fuddy duddy uncles would walk around with their fanny packs. Now, travel pouches have become a style statement. From cool high street design to classic vintage ones, travel pouches have come a long way. Interestingly, not many of us know that travel pouches can be used in many other ways. Here are 20 ways in which you can use your travel pouch:

  1. Secret money compartment – Use your pouch as your secret or emergency money stashaway and be ready for financial emergencies. Who can suspect this? It is something useful when you are traveling alone and with international currency.
  2. Use for  Cosmetics – Because we never have enough bags storage for cosmetics right? Use your travel pouch for your go-to cosmetics, especially when traveling on a long duration flight.
  3. Storage purposes – When you are not traveling use your pouch to store anything you want to. No good comes from an empty travel pouch lying in your closet.
  4. Use it as a small sling bag – Many travel pouches come with detachable straps. These straps, when attached to the pouch, become a cute and useful sling bag for day shopping or evening walks. Use it when out for shopping. One bag less to carry girls!
  5. Use with other luggage bags – Travel pouch is mostly foldable, small and can carry a lot of small stuff. So you can use these to pack things you want to separate from your clothes and shoes. These fit into any luggage bag easily.
  6. Store jewelry– Travel pouches are the safest bet to store all your jewellery and ensure that you never lose a piece. It is the easiest organizing hack you can use to store small pieces which are otherwise easy to lose.
  7. Sewing kit – A travel pouch can be used to store a sewing kit, especially if you travel a lot and prefer doing little stitches here and there on your own. The pouch is easy to carry and can store delicate needles with safety. Just ensure you pack needles, threads, buttons and scissors separately before storing in the pouch.
  8. Nail Kit – Ever lost your precious nail kit? Then you know the pain. Travel pouches are the best place to keep compact nail kits. They are accessible and easy to spot in your big bags or heavy trolleys.
  9. Loyalty card – Travelling and loyalty cards go hand in hand. But when you have bank cards, ID cards and loyalty cards all in one, the wallet gets bulky and also confusing. The loyalty cards are needed not that often so why not store them separately in a cute travel pouch?
  10. First aid kit – Use travel pouches as your customized first aid kit at home or while traveling. Now no more boring plastic boxes.
  11. Stationery kit –  Travel pouches are never put to use until traveling. But if you have kids, use these pouches to store stationery for them, especially extra pencils, rubbers, staple pins, etc. (which are scattered in the storage area).
  12. Electronics and wires – Who thought of this? Make the best use of your travel pouch by storing flimsy wires, USB drives, delicate sockets, etc. and never search for them gain.
  13. Gym supplies –   A gym lover can make the best use of a travel pouch by storing their toiletries, money, and keys. You don’t have to buy an extra pouch just for the gym. Total value for money!
  14. Business cards – Do you have too many business cards and just ran out of card storage files? Use your travel pouch. It is a must for those who do business travel often.
  15. Carry on for little errands – A travel pouch can be used as a small wallet to store a debit card, some cash, keys and maybe a lipstick. You don’t have to carry your usual shoulder bag for a quick run to the supermarket, salon or even a post shop.
  16. Oversized wallet – Have too many cards, IDs, coins, notes and receipts to carry with you? Give that wallet a miss and use your travel pouch instead.
  17. Night time clutch – Many travel pouches come in nice metallic or shiny fabric which can be used as a dinner or night club clutch. They are small in size and can carry essentials which make them perfect for nighttime events where you don’t want to take too many things.
  18. Period supplies – How do you store your emergency period supplies? If you need to buy a special bag or pouch for this, wait and try using your travel pouch. It is useful even when you are traveling and just busy with routine stuff. You can carry the pouch with you or just keep it at home/office.  
  19. Sunglass case – Why not? If you have too many sunglasses but not cases (may be lost them or never got one along with the glasses), use your travel pouch as a sunglass case.
  20. Coin pouch – Are you collecting coins or have too many coins scattered all over the house or your everyday bag? Use your travel pouch to store your coins and never lose them again.

Do you have more uses of a travel pouch in your mind? Share with us. We would love to know how you use your travel pouch and also, what all designs and styles you love.


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