Each girl growing up into wholesome women makes up a list of things that she wants to have in a man.

There are quite traits and qualities the women grow up noticing about the men in their lives, some may take references to them and some might want the complete opposite. But, almost any woman who is looking forward for a relationship with a man, she is bound to have a pre-drawn portfolio regarding his looks, attitude and finances which she will definitely look for and would be keen to have that kind of person in their lives. As for women there are something’s that matter more to them than just manly looks and attributes

Here are some qualities almost all women look for and would be helpful for men to improve their chances:


  1. Being Passionate

All women want is men to feel the emotions and just be more than manly and be passionate. According to a poll, current couples wanted the most in their relationship was the intimacy and the passionate feeling when with together, women want men to acknowledge the fact that she is here and then be appreciative of it, rather than just goofing around. Men should read their emotions if not then at least try to understand the emotions they go through and offer companionship make them aware that you are there for her.


  1. Confidence.

This is one of the main factors that guys lack and the most appreciative quality in the eyes of women. Women like men who are confident, who would take control of issues and the way they carry themselves in public environment which makes women feel comfortable as well and attracted too. It’s always noticed in women that they are attracted to power and intelligence. If men are confident enough to speak their minds out, then you are golden in the eyes of women.


  1. Honesty.

This is the emotion most men lack and is the sole reason for all fights and break-ups. Honesty is totally linked with confidence, with confidence comes the ability to speak the truth regardless the consequences, women are attracted to men who speak up and are truthful about it. When men are honest with women it earns them a certain level of respect and trust which is always a good thing to have and is always quite hard to gain.


  1. A sense of Humor.

Women love to laugh, thus the attraction for men who can make them laugh. A good sense of humor is often linked to a good intellectual quality that women perceive and are quite on the lookout for. Not much fancy but the lines that could totally change the emotions and could bring the conversations or moments to life.


  1. Commitment.

Men are mostly known for over-committing and then under delivering. Women are not interested in throwing themselves at every other guy, they want guys to be serious about the relationship and the person with whom they are as well. Earning a women’s trust isn’t easy to make sure that you mean to be with her and only if you are sure about it then commit to her.


  1. Be mysterious.

Women love the feeling of rush and excitement when in a new relationship and want to keep that feeling alive as it’s one of the main things that would keep the spark alive in any relationship. There is a thin line between slightly secretive and being entirely aloof. Do things that would keep them on their toes and would be questionable about you in some areas. As comes to texting when she texts, you shouldn’t just reply right away, more than being spontaneous it would make you feel desperate in front of her.


  1. Be kind to her and as well as others

Women tend to notice the smallest of things in men, which men don’t even consider as qualities that they should look out for. As said earlier they notice how you treat her and others as well, this is something that men should learn and should not just act on it. A man who is able to treat all in good faith is one of the sexiest qualities that attract women.


  1. Being there for her.

Women want the time-space to speak out their thoughts or just be the guy they are in love with. It might be anything going for a movie, dinner date or just being for her when she needs it. In her good and most importantly in their bad times. They always need a shoulder to lean on and pour their feelings out. Spend time with her, not just for doing things and stuff but just catching up is involved in her life and let her into your lives too.


  1. Love yourself

No one likes a crybaby unless it is really a crying baby. Women don’t like men who just don’t like the way they are, you don’t like the way you are how do you expect her to like you? If you can change that then that’s good enough, or try to be comfortable in it. The more you love yourself and are confident about it the more she gets attracted to the qualities and scars you flaunt. Make yourself attractive enough in ways possible it’s just not restricted to the body but looks as well, everybody has some flaws grow over it.


  1. Talent.

Girls, as said, are attracted to talent and intelligence. Women may not like to be outsmarted, but they simply can’t resist an intelligent man, irrespective of the field or work. If he is good at it than others it’s definitely and quality that women really dig.


  1. Sociability.

A woman wants a guy in her life that is gullible to others and the kind of personality that everyone wants to be familiar with. No matter the place or issue women like guys who are mixing and blend with crowds easily making her choice more irresistible to other women, they like to make other women jealous and want to show what package they have.


  1. Be tender and sensitive.

Of course, men who are tough are attractive and do have a certain amount of sex appeal, but Women like being handled with care and affection it’s the men’s judgment that he has to decide and anticipate that where women want to be felt with sensitiveness. Women feel more ease with men who make them comfortable be it sex or any emotion for the matter of explanation.



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