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10 Unknown Benefits of Sandalwood Soap

The sweet, woody and warm fragrance of sandalwood brings instant peace and relaxes your mind. Also known as Liquid Gold, this aromatic wood is found in Asia, predominantly East India.


Sandalwood has many uses in the form of powder, oil and wood itself. The most popular usages being incense sticks, balm and soap. Sandalwood has therapeutic, medicinal, and cosmetic qualities which take care of all your beauty needs. Using sandalwood soap as part of your everyday beauty regime repairs your skin and keeps it glowing. With a long lasting fragrant and smooth texture, sandalwood soap has many benefits unknown to us. I have listed top 10 benefits of sandalwood soap which will encourage you to start using it from today.


  1. Perfect Moisturizer

Of course! This benefit is on top of the list. Sandalwood soap is made from pure sandalwood oil, extracted from old trees and processed to form lovely silky soaps. These soaps are soft on the skin and leave it supple and moisturized. Your body will have a golden glow and smell amazing. The sandalwood oil used in making these soaps is a natural moisturizer. It keeps the skin from drying and also from becoming too oily.


  1. Prevents Body Odor

Talking about it’s amazing smell, sandalwood has a unique, woody, sweet and warm fragrance which is distinctly noticeable. And, it is not just a fragrance. It has medicinal qualities preventing body odor. You can throw away those alcohols based deodorizers and just have a shower with sandalwood soap. Your body will smell great all day.  


  1. Anti-aging benefits

Yes! You read it right. Sandalwood soap is such an amazing little thing. It has anti-aging benefits as sandalwood is known to reduce fine lines, tighten the skin and rejuvenate skin cells. You feel firmer within weeks of use. In older times, sandalwood paste was used as a face mask to tighten the skin, reduce pores and ease wrinkles.  This was a luxurious treatment back then.


  1. Reduces stress

Sandalwood oil is used in aromatherapy. It is suitable to release hypertension and stress. Daily use of sandalwood soap in the hot shower is very good to reduce stress, release tension and calm your thoughts. Many people also wash their face with this soap at work to feel fresher and less stressed.


  1. Reduces Itchiness

 Sandalwood soap is the perfect remedy for itchy skin, especially in winters.

 The soap is gentle on the skin and relieves it from itchiness. Its oils not only heal itchy areas but also helps your skin from drying. Itchiness can be due to an allergy as well. So, sandalwood, because of its medicinal qualities can also contribute to curing the allergy gradually.


  1. No acne marks and reduces scars

Sandalwood is nature’s miracle. It is your skin’s best partner. It works wonder on acne prone skin, reduces scars and control oil.  For those who are facing zit eruption and acne marks (especially teenagers) sandalwood infused soap is an excellent suggestion.


  1. Even out skin tone

We all want even skin tone. Sandalwood, because of its antimicrobial qualities, prevents sun tan, heals the skin and restores its health. It works to restrain keloid formation on skin, leaving it even and smooth.


  1. Heals sunburn

Sandalwood has a cooling nature. Have you ever tried a sandalwood paste on your face? Or, seen people wearing on their forehead in temples? The reason is the same. It is a cooling agent. For sunburn, sandalwood is the best natural healer.


  1. Helps recovering from insomnia

Having a shower with sandalwood soap before bed has proven to be helpful in getting a peaceful sleep. Sandalwood’s calm and sweet aroma relaxes your senses. It’s therapeutic qualities eases the muscles and unwinds your mind. Just soaking yourself in sandalwood infused bath with some lavender oil drops will help you get good sleep. Try it for yourself.


  1. Big on antiseptic properties

Sandalwood soap is an antiseptic soap. It can cure you of ringworms, boils, athlete’s foot, rashes, blackheads, minor cuts, etc.  Just simply washing off the affected area with sandalwood soap every day will show you results.  So try a natural way of healing.

Sandalwood with combinations of lavender, jasmine, rose, and eucalyptus extracts makes for excellent beauty therapy.  Enjoy a no chemical, artificial colors, and animal fats body boost at your home. Order it online on Qtrove.


  • I am fully convinced with your arguments about uses n benefits of sandal soaps made with sandal oils free from use of chemicals. As per Indian culture n traditions sandal woods are added for burning of dead bodies and sandal wood oils n powders are used for making incence sticks n agarbatties.

  • Thank you so much for giving such an information about sandalwood.

    • You are 100% correct . I have been
      using sandalwood soap since 1960 .
      It has verygood effects . But the quality
      Of the past has gone .
      P J Kamalakkannan .
      Chennai .

    • Hi Sangeetha,

      Glad to know you liked our effort. Don’t forget to check our exclusive range of chemical free products on

  • Sandal wood (GOLD) flavour is having super benefits just u apply it ya

  • Valuable information.

  • With so many benefits, I,really, to be a user of it.

    • Hi Fayaz,

      Glad to know that you liked our information. Do check our exclusive range of Chemical Free products on

  • i want to use this sandal soaps but what the name of the soap we used

  • Nice information. Pls give sandal soap name.

  • Excellent. Ur words r true . Thank UUU

    • Hi Abdulbasith,

      Glad to know that you liked the information. Do try our 100% Chemical Free products available on Go ahead and place your order today.

  • I am a regular user more than 50 years.

  • Very good information. Still I am using sandal soap for the 20 years.

  • Mysore Sandall Soap is the best quality soap among the soap available in the market…it’s one of the oldest brand in India and also uses pure sandalwood oil in making.

  • Great article. But how do we ensure its purity.

  • It has been unknown immense quality.

  • Sandalwood soap has 10 best qualities. Please learn about it if you love yourself.

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  • Excellent body soap
    I am using since1980 fo body


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