10 thoughtful gifting ideas you can use this Holiday Season

Winter festivities are just around the corner and even the thought of unwrapping presents has us smiling in glee. But picking out the perfect presents for our friends and family may put a massive damper on the holiday cheer. If this is how you are feeling right now, we’ve got your back. We have sorted out your gifting woes. Be it the fashionista you know or the always-stressed workaholic buddy, we’ve got something for everyone!

The Travel Junkie

Bitten by the wanderlust bug, travel junkies prefer anything that is convenient and practical. Keeping that in mind, why not give them this bamboo cutlery set which they can carry around the world. This super lightweight and eco-friendly set makes sure that your pal won’t have to resort to plastic spoons no matter where they are in the world. 

The Beauty Queen

We all know a beauty queen who can never get enough of skincare goodies. This winter essential set makes sure that Miss Beautiful’s skin glows no matter how harsh the winter is. If your BFF is a makeup junkie, there’s no better thing than this multipurpose pouch in pretty pink. It’ll keep all her essentials tidy and in place.


Do you have a friend who knows more about the runway than anyone else? We’ve got your back for that too. Wrap up this handcrafted kauna reed box sling bag with a bow and she’ll thank you for giving her the perfect daytime accessory. If she has a soft corner for jewellery, go for these raw crystal danglers in pale yellow which are as unique as her personality. 


Chocoholism is real and we all have it. Buying presents for a chocoholic buddy might seem like the easiest thing to do but steer clear of icky compound chocolates. Instead, opt for pure couverture Belgian pralines like this box of joy. You can also switch things up by going for this hot chocolate combo with flavours like swiss vanilla & caramel. Perfect for cold winter evenings. 

The Always Hungry Friend

Whether it’s 9 p.m. or 3 a.m., this friend is always hungry. So, shouldn’t their present contain something yummy? Go for this majestic treat box that’ll more than take care of the munchies. You can also opt for this sauce combo to make sure that your best bud always has some deliciousness to dip his snacks in.

Health Enthusiasts

‘Workout, green juice, and all things healthy’, if this sounds like someone you know then we can help you find the perfect gift for them. Grab this sambu grass and cotton yoga mat for some pro-level stretching or you can try this anti-skid yoga mat made with organic rubber and cotton.

The Bearded Hunk

Beards are tough to maintain and chances are that your bearded hunk friend is on the lookout for a good grooming kit. Be a friend in need and go for this ultimate grooming kit packed with all-natural beard oil, wax, boar bristle brush and more manly goodness. 


No one deserves a break more than your workaholic friend. Their high-pressure work has made stress their middle name. Though you can’t get rid of their work pressure, you can surely take the stress out of the equation with this soothing stress relief spray packed with minty freshness. If mint is not their thing, this lavender roll-on will do the job and more!

The Gardener

Blessed with a green thumb, these friends can actually manage to keep plants alive (unlike most of us). To honour that power, gift them with this raw wooden railing planter perfect for succulents. You can also choose this handmade wooden planter to help your friend to keep their greenery indoors. 

Coffee Addict

If your friend’s morning doesn’t start without a shot of caffeine, you’ve got a coffee addict on your hands. True lovers of all things caffeine, the perfect cup of coffee is an art for them. Help them stay wide awake this holiday season with this combo of artisanal coffee which includes flavours like cinnamon roll, spiced rum, and gingerbread. You can also make things easier for them with this kit of pour-over coffee so they can enjoy a warm cuppa every morning. 


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