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10 Must-Know Tips to Choose the Right Shampoo for Your Hair

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The amount of beauty products available on the market is overwhelming to say the least, especially when it comes to shampoos and hair care. You have to protect your hair and treat it right with the correct products, according to your hair type. After all, you have to maintain thickness, health, lustre, softness and the list can go on and on.

When you go to the hair section, instead of making it easier, the endless options now make it more difficult to pick! For example, there are shampoos for hair that is dry, oily, or normal or your hair may need to be strengthened and hydrated. You could also pick shampoos depending on your texture if it’s brittle or thick or if it’s curly or straight! If you’re already confused, we don’t blame you. Different shampoos come with different features, uses, benefits, and ingredients, but how are you to know which one is the best pick for your hair?

Don’t stress because we’ve got your back! Here are the top 10 tips you must know when picking a shampoo.

  1. What does your hair want and need?


First and foremost, do you know what your hair requires? For example, does it need to have more shine? More volume? More hydration? Is your hair frizzy? Is your hair coloured? Are you experiencing hair fall? You need to ask yourself these questions so you get a clear picture of what you need to tend to first. This could be your starting point. Studies suggest that if you have normal hair (a right balance of oiliness and dryness that isn’t too fine or frizzy) then you should use something that has an even ratio of conditioning and detergents.

2. What to look for, once you know your hair type?


After you decide that your hair is dry and coarse and requires moisture, you have to look for a shampoo that will soften your hair. Whereas if your hair is oily, you need shampoos that are gentle so they don’t unnecessarily add more oil or moisture. Ensure you read product labels so you determine the shampoo type.

3. Changes in Environment


Have you noticed that your hair type changes according to the environment, season, and temperature? This could also play an important role in picking a shampoo. In fact, it’s a better idea to change your shampoo according to the season. For example, during the winters, your skin and scalp gets dry, which means you would require more moisture. Sometimes your scalp can even get a little flaky. As you must know, during humidity hair tends to get frizzy.

4. Oily Hair Types

When you use heavy products such as styling products, they tend to leave grease or an oily residue, therefore this would require you to buy a shampoo that has a formula that removes said residue. According to studies these shampoos usually have “salicylic acid to break down gunk left on the hair and scalp.” These detergent shampoos remove dirt and extra oil.

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