10 Effective Hacks for Pain-Free Periods

Red monster, shark week, crimson wave and what not! No matter what name you give it, period aunty is here to punch your guts to hell. As if the hot lava flowing out of us wasn’t enough, abdominal pain joins in with a pitchfork, poking and prodding our sanity.

Women! It is time to end this tormenting ordeal. Those 5 days on your calendar marked in red can’t threaten you anymore. These 10 hacks are all you need to ‘enjoy’ a pain-free period. 

PMS Drink

Ladies, &Me has listened to our PMS woes and made this elixir that not only eases period pain but also gets rid of bloating. Made with fruit juices, Ayurvedic herbs, and essential minerals, it is available in 3 delectable flavours; each sip is packed with wholesome energy. Bonus: Each bottle has less than 80 calories. Buy now 


Peppermint Oil

Peppermint isn’t only meant for freshening your breath, this wonder oil is an excellent muscle relaxant. Mix it with a carrier oil like coconut or olive and rub it on your abdomen region for deep relaxation. And when those 5 days are over, this miracle oil can be used as a skin and hair potion. Get it here


Pain Relief Patches


If you are too low on energy too give yourself a mini massage, these pain relief patches are a lifesaver. Soaked in essential oils, these patches give you relief from pain for 12 straight hours. Buy it here


Dark Chocolate

We often don’t need a reason to eat chocolate but here’ one anyway! Dark chocolate is rich in magnesium which makes it a delicious pain-relief remedy. This 72% dark chocolate bar from Jus’ trufs has been made from rich cocoa beans grown in South India – you will relish every bite of it! Buy now


Flax Seeds

A spoon of flax seeds is a fairy godmother who soothes your cramps and also gives you lustrous hair. Rich in omega 3, it effectively helps limit period pain. Whole flax seeds are harder to digest which is why we recommend adding flax seed powder to your teas, smoothies, or meals. Buy it here.


Chamomile Tea

This golden blend is a treat for all your senses. If the soothing fragrance hasn’t already calmed you down, sipping on it surely will. It relieves muscle spasms and acts as a nerve relaxant. Sip it before bedtime for some much-needed sleep. Buy this infusion here


Lavender Bath Salts

Periods turn our mind and body into a total mess which is why a pamper sesh is all the more important during those days. Fill a tub with warm water and add lavender bath salt to it for some extra relaxation. You can add some scented candles to get the spa feel. Buy now


Heat Pad

One of the oldest tricks in the book, a heating pad is one of the top 3 in every girl’s period hacks list but you can switch it up with this microwaveable pain relief potli that does the work without the fuss. Buy it here



Yoga has the answers to all the problems in the world and period cramps is one of them. You can try light stretches like dhanurasana and ustrasana to relax the muscles and calm your mind instantly. 


Sweat Pants and movies

With the massacre happening in your uterus, you deserve some time off from the world. Throw on some comfy sweat pants, gorge on your favourite comfort food, binge watch some chick flicks make a self-date out of it. It may not calm down the cramps but it is sure to improve your mood.

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