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10 Edible Gifts to Give This Festive Season

Knock! Knock! The festive season is here. Air is filled with unique cuisines, aroma of sweets, family festivities, and much more. All the excitement doubles up when near and dear ones meet and greet with endearing festival gifts. As you unwrap each gift, imagine receiving a pretty pack of handcrafted delicacy. A melange of crunchy, salty, sweet things – a gift that is a thoughtful treat and isn’t sinful, but really really healthy. Wouldn’t you love it? I know I would!

To help you gift your loved ones an aesthetic amalgamation of taste and passion, this year too, we have handpicked and bundled ten edible gifts for this festive season.

Masala Chai Premium Artisan Chocolates

Here’s a perfect gift for chai and chocolate lovers! A melange of different flavours, the premium masala chai artisan chocolates are waiting to light up your taste buds. These melt-in-your-mouth chocolate bonbons are genuinely magical. What makes them so savoury? Well, the outer coating of Belgian white chocolate and super creamy chai flavoured centre is a surprise treat. The buttery texture is in complete contrast with the crisp outer layer. The USP of these chocolates is that they are preservative-free and are suitable for vegetarians. Gift them and let your loved ones indulge in guilt-free taste.

Blueberry Sky Premium Artisan Chocolates

Oh-my-god! Look what we have got. A chocolate bonbon that comes with an outer coating of Belgian white chocolate and deep within has the treasure trove of blueberry and milk chocolate ganache. What a delight it would be to savour this mouth-watering chocolate to celebrate the biggest festival of the year. Smooth, buttery, and made with pure Belgian couverture chocolate, these bonbons are great for vegetarians and do not contain any artificial preservatives. Moreover, they are handcrafted with unique artistic designs and delicious flavours.

Festive Special Fudge Gift Pack (Roasted Almond and Hazelnut Combo) (Set of 2)

A showpiece would lose its value over time; a sweet box might lose its zing. It’s only Fudge that’s meant to stay forever. Have a loved one who cannot start their meals without a fudge? Gift them this unique Diwali gift – Festive Special Fudge Gift Pack (Roasted Almond and Hazelnut Combo). Delightful and healthy, this set of 2 fudges comes in Roasted Almond and Hazelnut flavours. Fresh and creamy, the taste of these specially curated fudges is bound to linger on your taste buds forever happily. So, gift and gobble without an ounce of guilt.

Walnut Marbles Premium Artisan Chocolates

These Walnut Marbles Premium Artisan Chocolates are an ideal gift for the connoisseurs of excellent taste. Full of milk chocolate and chunks of walnuts, these chocolates unveil a surprise with every bite. The outer shell is crafted with Dark and white chocolate, while the centre is made of a soft, creamy ganache filling. As you bite into this bonbon, you could first relish the crispy and crunchy outer layer, followed by a smooth buttery inner layer. Wow! Handcrafted with unique artistic designs and delicious flavourings these chocolate bonbons were made with pure Belgian couverture chocolates and will leave your loved ones asking for more.

Assorted Chocolates (9 Flavours)

A festive gift with different flavours is a treat for the entire family. Wondering what we are hinting at? Well, our new assorted chocolate box with a plethora of flavours – Cappuccino, Blueberry Sky, Masala Chai, Berry Blast, Sinful Dark 70%, Roasted Almond Crunch, Dark Dusted, Chinese Whispers, and Afghani Black Raisin. Made with no artificial preservatives and suitable for vegetarians, these handcrafted chocolates are made with pure Belgian couverture chocolates. Like assorted gems from the galaxy, they are handcrafted with unique artistic designs and exude rich taste.

Artisanal Chocolate Box (Milk, Almond, Mint, Sea Salt, Chilli)

An amalgamation of never-seen-before flavours, our Artisanal Chocolate Box offers Milk, Almond, Mint, Sea Salt, Chilli, and Milk Chocolates. Made in India, this chocolate box is prepared from Single Origin Cocoa Beans grown in South India. A treat for the ones looking for a different taste and unique flavours, this artisanal Bean to Bar offering is a must-have this festive season. Packed with a distinctive note of cocoa ( and reduced sugar) these surprisingly smooth chocolates are free from any emulsifiers or soy lecithin and are made with the most exceptional quality of cocoa.

Belgian Pralines Chocolates & Dry Fruits Combo (Diwali Treat)

You cannot imagine how much they would love this box of 12 assorted Belgian Chocolate truffles. Packaged with mouth-watering soft centred assortments that include dark, sinful ganache, fresh truffle, double nuts for nut lovers, delightful cappuccino, sea salt truffle, and munchy-crunchy pralines along with nougatine and marzipan amande, pistachio, almonds, cashew and raisins this smooth and creamy treat is perfect for discerning palates. Moreover, two diyas complement and complete this lovely handmade paper box which can later be used to store jewellery or memoirs. What more could you have asked for?

Belgian Pralines Designer Chocolate Treats (Box of 36)

Let the entire family revel in the joy of festivities with the 36 assorted Belgian Chocolate truffles. Sweet, tangy, salty, and bitter at the same time, these truffles are bound to suit each and everyone in the family. From a tiny tot who loves to drool over chocolates to an elder who enjoys indulging in dark, sinful ganache, this Belgian Pralines Designer Chocolate Treat box is simply perfect for all. And, what’s in for the lady of the house? Well, she would love the wooden box with a silk finish.

Wheat Dryfruits Nutlads (Punjabi Pinni)

Celebrate the festivities with Punjab’s most loved and savoured delight – PINNI. For all the bhangra moments, these Wheat Dryfruit Nutlads aka Pinnis are the best. Nothing matches the nutrition value and the taste of these healthy delights. Curated with Whole Wheat Flour, Pure Cow Ghee, Almonds, Cashews, and Desiccated Coconut, these homemade delights are prepared fresh. So, this Diwali gift your loved ones unique gifts that are beckoned by countless health benefits and show them that you care.

Foxtail Millet Nutlads

This gift is just like the Indian culture; diverse yet delectable. Its primary ingredient is commonly known as Kangni/Rala in Hindi, Korra in Telugu, Thinai in Tamil, Navane in Kannada, Kaon in Gujarati. These Foxtail Millets combine Pure Cow Ghee, Almonds, Cashews, Walnuts, Roasted Gram Dal, Jaggery and are prepared fresh.

We invite you to unwrap these delicacies with your loved ones and reinvent relationships with love, happiness, prosperity and a touch of exquisite delight.

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