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10 Activated Charcoal Uses you can try right now

Activated charcoal is a popular natural element famous for trapping toxins and chemicals. It is being used in cosmetics and toiletries for its unique quality to quickly absorb toxins, chemicals and other such impurities. It stops the skin from absorbing foreign bodies and flushes them out. You can now buy charcoal soaps, face masks, face creams, cleansers etc.  But do you know the many ways you can use activated charcoal? Here are some that can be helpful.


  1. Filters Water

Just like your skin, charcoal works towards filtering water. It helps filter impurities like metal, waste, chemicals, pesticide, fluoride, etc. But it does not catch dirt, virus, bacteria, soap particles, etc. So consider activated charcoal as a part of water filtration.


  1. Teeth Whitening

Do you know there are charcoal toothpaste available in the market? People discovered that charcoal helps in teeth whitening with regular usage. With a lot of consumption of coffee, tea, wine, cigarettes, etc. our teeth lose it whiteness. Charcoal can help getting it back. There are many charcoals infused dental care products available in drugstores. You can also use activated charcoal as it is by putting some on your toothbrush and brush well in a wet mouth. Rinse, spit and you are all done.


  1. Digestive Cleanse

You can use activated charcoal to cleanse your digestive system as it removes toxins (which are a cause of various digestion problems). How to use it? You can take a prescribed quantity after your daily meals. Consult a doctor for this as you would want to know whether you are sensitive towards activated charcoal.


  1. Alleviates Gas & Bloating

If you have bloating or gas problem and have tried everything but failed, try the activated charcoal remedy. It works against gas causing foods by binding them freeing you from the discomfort. You can ask your local pharmacist for activated charcoal tablets and also its dosage.


  1. Relieves from hangovers and alcohol poisoning.

Yes! Activated charcoal is a quick remedy for hangovers and alcohol poisoning. Acting to its true nature, the activated charcoal flushes out the toxic that leads to alcohol poisoning. To cure a hangover, activated charcoal absorbs sweeteners and other chemicals added to alcohol which causes hangover.


  1. Mold cleaning

A lot of people are allergic to mold, and it may lead to more serious dysfunctions. But mold is not easy to get rid of. Activated charcoal works wonder to get rid of mold. Use it with baking soda, vinegar, and borax. Wear gloves and face mask when removing mold to avoid inhaling its foul smell and residue.  


  1. Skin and Body Health

Activated charcoal has many uses for a healthy skin and body. You can use it to treat itchiness, body odor, rashes, bites and oil build up. There different ways to use charcoal depending on what you are treating. For example using it as a balm mixed with coconut oil, a bandage wrapped in a warm towel, a cooling agent along with aloe vera gel, a refreshing healthy charcoal drink, etc.


  1. Improves Sleep

Using charcoal body wraps or face mask have proven to relax body muscles and releasing stress. It helps people to get more sleep at night and feel lighter. Many beauty salons provide such treatments with coconut milk, sea salt, organic coffee, organic olive oil, etc. infusions. You can indulge in such luxurious treatments to get more peaceful sleep.


  1. Get rid of heartburn

 If you have a heartburn and have tried most of the standard treatments, try activated charcoal. Start with about two pinches with a half glass of water and gradually increase the dose till you feel good. But again, we highly recommend that you consult a doctor before trying this treatment.


  1. Heals a sore throat

You can be relieved of your sore throat with the help of activated charcoal. It sucks the bacteria breeding on your throat and thus contributes to fighting it. You can try it in a powder or tablet form. Activated charcoal tablets are available in most of the drugstores.  


Charcoal is a natural substance but it is highly recommended to consult your doctor or beauty therapist before you try it on youself. It can have different results on different bodies.  We suggest to always buy charcoal or charcoal infused products from certified natural and organic stores which deal with trustworthy suppliers. There are a lot of fake activated charcoal products out there which can cause harm to your body. Till then, keep looking at this space to find out more about gourmet, organic and natural products for a healthy living.



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